Currently Watching: Fall In Love With Me


I had so much fun watching Aaron Yan in Just You last year. By watching Aaron means literally… Watching Aaron. The man is beautiful. Skinny yet beautiful. His dark, deep brown eyes are very attractive! And his hair… Yes, I have hair fetish. I love looking at his hair. No matter what he does, that hair stays the same. The hair!!! The jewel of the crown! *beams* So when I found out he’s staring in Fall In Love With Me, without hesitation, I said I do!!!! But on the back of my mind, the devil in me asked if I’m sure I wanna do this… Wei shenme? Yingwei I just finished In A Good Way. Even though the drama was great, the draggy part of every Taiwanese dramas really turning me off big time. But for the love of beauty Aaron, I forced myself to suffer the consequences of it.


Back to Fall In Love With Me, his leading lady is Tia. This is my first time seeing her but I heard so much negative about her I became a bit paranoid. But I did some self pep talk. Why don’t you judge her yourself? Why must you listen to people? Give herself a chance. And so I did. Now, her character on the other hand, that’s another chance. She’s quite weak and I thought she is not strong enough to fight for the family business. I’m a little disappointed… If Tia could bring her character as Tao Le Si up a notch, I think the tug of love war would have been even better. Do I sounded like I’m asking too much? *nods* I am, sadly. Again and again, Taiwanese drama continues to fail me…


So what Fall in Love With Me is all about? It’s about Lu Tian Xing, a successful advertising mogul who disguise himself as Xiao Lu and take up an internship position in Tao Le Si’s growing advertising agency. Tao Le Si is very inexperienced and the agency was owned by her late brother and she vowed to keep the business alive. Unfortunately, it never picks up no matter how much she tried it. The agency is risk of being sold to Tian Xing. At first, she suspected Xiao Lu as Tian Xing but their personalities are too different. Lu Tian Xing is very arrogant and have no empathy and sympathy. Xiao Lu is very diligent, smart and humble. She embraced Xiao Lu so hard she actually fell in love with him. Tian Xing on the other hand was torn between staying undercover as Xiao Lu or reveal the truth to Le Si. Of course, his undercover was blown as he was caught in between act as Xiao Lu and Tian Xing. Le Si was pissed and immediately cut her ties with him.


Fall in Love With Me started really well. It took off in flying colors. It was funny and witty and so effing bubbly! Aaron was super duper handsome and cute! Unfortunately after episode 11, the show turned into something else. Everything went downhill thereafter. Everyone I know that are watching this with me are disappointed with the show. It has taken many weird turns and became so draggy. I myself had really hard time focusing it too. On the bright side, the weird turns did not go southward unlike other Taiwanese dramas… I frankly would not recommend this drama. It’s a train wreck! *facepalm* As much as I love Aaron so, so much… This drama was poorly assembled in terms of the direction it is heading. Boooooooo! The writers seem to lost their mojos and I hate that they turned this drama from romcom to melo to revenge. I hate them writers! As for me, I’m still watching for the sake of Aaron… What a waste of 20 episode drama. Seriously, Aaron better pick a better project next time!


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