Wednesday Eu-Mak: Discovering Whee Sung


He he he I almost wrote “Discovering Oppa…” Hello and happy Wednesday, yeoreobun! How is your day so far? I had fabulous weekend with my son but of course we were disappointed because the dinosaur exhibit is under renovation for 5 years! *screams* How old will my son be by then? Wait… How old will I be? *gasps* OLLLLLLDDDDDDDD! Wae Smithsonian, waeeeeeeee? But really you guys, you should have the look on our faces… Our excitement deflated immediately! Looks like we have no choice but to go to NYC now… Sigh


So to heal my broken heart…. yes, i love dinosaur as much as my son too, I decided to dig out something new. Whee Sung is my new victim, thanks to Michele! I’ve heard his name and listened to his song but that’s all about it. When I searched for him, he is labeled as Korean R&B Prince. Wow… I’d feel very intimidated to be called R&B Prince… He must feel very confident with his talent and I will not hold against it coz it’s true! *nods* This 32 year old singer made his debut under Kpop group, A4. *snickers* A4? Wannabe F4? *laughs hysterically* Mian mian, I can’t help it *sticks tongue out*. He then quit A4 after their first album and went solo ever since. His career took immediately after he left A4. Recently I was exposed that he’s also a songwriter. He even wrote MBLAQ’s recent release Be A Man from their Broken album. This man is good. His voice is heavenly and remarkable. And his songs are good! So here are some of my favorite songs:

How was it? He’s quite a versatile singer, ya? The last song, The Best Man, is very soulful. What an impressive singer! If I could attend his concert, I bet I’ll be grooving to all his songs from start to finish. And hey, how about this collab music with Ailee? Wow! Beautiful!

He recently just contribute his voice for It’s Okay, That’s Love OST. The man is  unstoppable! This song is so out of this world! It gives me the chill…

Whoa…. did I just go overboard with Whee Sung? *laughs* T’s okay, I can do whatever I want, right? Hehehe okay yeoreobun, enjoy your Wednesday and week.



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