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Before I start this post, let’s start with the biggest laugh you can ever come out with! Hana, deul, set…! Laugh! Laugh as loud as you can, as crazy as you can! Make sure someone could hear it, okay? MUAHAHAHA! Again! MUAHAHAHA! * wipes tears from laughing*. Now that we get it out of our system, let’s focus on my number one romantic comedy of 2014! Fated To Love You! Is it too soon to judge? I mean… August is almost over. What other romcom can beat this show? It’s okay, I’m biased and this is my #1 show for this summer *wink*.

collageFated To Love You is a remake of Taiwanese drama of the same name. I’ve never seen the original and have no desire to watch it at all. It’s Taiwanese drama for heaven’s sake. We all know how crazy it must have been. Even my Kakao girlfriends said nooooo when I asked if I should consider watching that version. They said it turned to something else on the second half of the show. Yeap, am not surprised at all. And surprisingly, the Korean version of Fated did not follow the original plot, it steer away midway of the series. Thank heaven *wipes sweat*. I do not want to be trapped in a crazy drama. I don’t want to be cheated.


Back to this drama. Where should I even begin? Too many cuteness! Too many funny scenes! Too many laughs produced since the starting of this show! If the God of Laughs ever short of laughs, He should just watch Fated To Love You. I’ll guarantee He will not be running out of laughs for century! The OTP, which I never had fate and doubt since the beginning, prove me wrong tremendously. I had a bad start with Jang NaRa. I first saw her in Baby Beauty Face. I thought she was such a weak link in that drama, next to Daniel Choi. He really trumped her big time. But in Fated, her weak-and-sort-of-shaky personality (kinda like sweet chihuahua minus feisty character) really works for her! And as for Jang Hyuk, I don’t recall he ever does romcom. And he too choked me in a good way! *laughs* So the odd pairing are fated for each other it seems! I approve! *thumbs up*


Fated To Love You is presented to us as a couple of unexpectedly falling for each other after they had an accidental one night stand. They were united through there a bun in her oven. But the wedding was treated as a contract which sadly drove Kim Mi Young away from him. Lee Gun, a chaebol of the nth generation, already has someone in mind. But after his marriage to Mi Young, the post-it note girl, he found himself slowly falling for Mi Young as she is towards him. The process of falling in love feels so real in my opinion. I’ve never seen such drama that turns me to a believer. A true L.O.V.E believer. Jang Hyuk convinced me that Gun is really falling for Mi Young. I was speechless when I saw the sparks in his eyes. Wow. Bravo Jang Hyuk. You turned everyone, even anti-fan, to fans! *salute*


*giggles* By now you probably guess what I would say, right? Neh, majayo yeoreobun. This show is daebak. Jang Hyuk and Jang NaRa are daebak. The show is daebak. This 20-episode drama is nearly over. I saw episode 16 yesterday and the couple was united again through fate. But will she embrace him and put her trust on love again? I sure hope so. I want my happy ending. And I want to be as happy as the OTP. MUAHAHAHA.


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