It’s Okay, That’s Love: Psycho-Cap Episode 7


We know what is distracting to this  amateur writer….. sitting in the Manga/Graphic novel section at Chapters, having a chai latte. We are staring at the oodles of manga thinking about which one would make a fantastic Krack drama. Speaking of KRACK dramas, this is certainly one of them. Last episode leaving us, with all sorts of feely feels.

From Hye Soo, FINALLY saying yes to Mr. Writer, to Our Mr. Writer, running to his beautiful Hye Soo, with the smiles and actions of a 5 year old going to Disney for the first time. Ending with Hyung grabbing him from behind…… lets get started then.

Episode 7


Missienelly: He’s trying to be the hero of the family. I don’t get it. He’s adult now… I know he gets it but sometimes letting his psycho hyung beating him up to death is not the solution.

Nikki:  Yeah, I am not with the letting his hyung just doing what he wants and get away with it.  They are not kids anymore and he can fight back for a change.

ADgirl: I believe he now allows his Hyung to beat him, because he went to prison instead of him. He feels he deserves it. I go back to episode 5 when Jae Yeol was so happy he saved a life.


Nikki:  If it were me, I would call the police myself and he would just go to jail…INDEFINITELY!

Missienelly: I’m 100% with you, Nik. He gotta separate this relationship of being a brother and victim.

ADgirl: Again I now see it as guilt over the past. Not the victim abuser. Also he sees the hidden goodness of his brother. Such as, leaving his shoes behind after beating him on the road so his feet would not be cut up.


Missienelly: He seems… retarded? Mentally challenged? Is there a better term to describe him, ladies?

Nikki:  Nope, no other term but…MENTAL

Missienelly: That’s very… direct, Nik *sticks tongue out*

ADgirl: I see it as someone who has never been free. On the outside world he is still a child.

Missienelly: OMG Laurie, you have open my eyes to a new world. I never think it this way.


Missienelly: This confession… Is it appropriate?

Nikki: If you have to ask, then we know it is not 🙂

ADgirl: Most of the work both her and Uncle Joe do does not seem appropriate. So the confession is no different.


Nikki: This moment was EVERYTHING….I mean, he let his guard down to show that he needed someone (her) and she was there to give the comfort/safe place he needed

Missienelly: This scene gave me a chill… It is nice to see someone letting his guard down. We can be rest assured that he is being human here…

ADgirl: You can see the scared little boy who hid in the outhouse in this moment. Finding some place to be safe that was not a bathroom. Absolute beautiful human moment.


Missienelly: Run Forest, runnnnnnnnn!!!!!

Nikki:  Crazy is and crazy does…

ADgirl: First place prize is….. Go directly to jail. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.


Nikki:  Situation is serious!!!

Missienelly: So serious!

ADgirl: Can you imagine sweating like that just over a kiss?


 Nikki:  Practice makes perfect…or in her case…practice gets you closer to being sane

Missienelly: I dunno how sane she will be… After all, she’s a psycho doctor LOL

ADgirl: Jae Yeol has the practice is needed down. She is definitely not in control of this relationship. He makes her think she is. Hehehehe sneaky.


Missienelly: I’m curious about this girl again. And she is toying with Giraffe-shi heart. I don’t like it *pouts*

Nikki:  This girl and this dude….Very curious.  I think the guy is her enabler

ADgirl: Really, right in front of Giraffe-ssi. Oh she is in need of some guidance.


Missienelly: Hmmmmmmm yup yup yup… She is in LOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE!

Nikki:  Singing….Eyes, Nose, Lips  ♪♫♪♪

ADgirl: And I am singing Girl’s Day, Cupid….. Hello, hello my shiny boy….


Nikki:  Hmmmmmmm…..I can’t even explain their interactions anymore.  Just have to now see how they relate to reality although I think we have figured it out

Missienelly: Omo! What did ya figure out, Nikki? Spill it!!!

ADgirl: I wonder now, how this will play out. He will not need Kwang Soo, as Hae Soo and Jae Yeol, get closer. I am afraid for how this will affect his psychotic break.


Nikki:  I love his comedic moments 🙂

Missienelly: This doctor… I sometimes just look forward to his scene. Just because he’s hilarious even when he’s angry.

ADgirl: What ever unconventional methods he uses, they are hysterical. It makes me want to see the blooper reels.


Missienelly: She got him good! Till the end…

Nikki:  I am not sure I want to see the end now

ADgirl: My translation was, “I have my hooks in you now. Don’t even think about leaving me.  You and me are going all the way to the end.” A really sweet fun moment between them.


Missienelly: Awwwww poor puppy…

Nikki:  Awwww is right…I think he will find his person or should I say I hope they give him a person in this drama that will accept him for him.  I think that is the key to him being cured.

ADgirl: They better give him a sweet girl. Not that young thing in the end.

Missienelly: But his mind is on  her… ALL.THE.TIME!!!


Missienelly: ROFLMAO

Nikki:  She is WAYYYYY too comfortable with them…LOL

ADgirl: Wow! The way you wash clothes makes you a pervert….. Then I must be down right NAUGHTY! I laughed so hard!


Nikki:  That is called being smitten my dear

Missienelly: That’s the word I have been looking for! Smitten! My mind blacked out on me by his charm hehehe

ADgirl: His charm has my heart going, dugun dugun dugun….. Oh wait! We were talking about his heart….. Yup smitten is the word.


Missienelly: So has her dad been handicapped all this while? Is that why her mom decided to have an affair with President Kim (I hope we get to meet him one day)?

Nikki:  You know, I am trying to figure out what happened to dad too.  I think he may have had an accident while working because how would his kids be here if he was like that in the beginning.  He seems to be paralyzed from the neck down.

Missienelly: And he is pretty alert!

ADgirl: It seems like he had either a serious head trauma or stroke. Which can also cause this kind of brain damage. I do feel for her mother in this situation. It would be so difficult to do day after day.


Nikki:  Funny, they both know they need each other but they are both not willing to try and make it work a second time. Tsk!! Tsk!!  Tsk!!

Missienelly: I vote them for the best “divorced couple of the year!”

ADgirl: This couple has me in stitches. The best part is they talk but do not say things the right way. I am with Missienelly and the best “divorced couple”


Missienelly: Seriously, did he not get the hint???? Boyfriend from hell! That’s his new name *snickers*

Nikki:  This penis-head (can I say that  Guess he needs it in a written text or memo as a reminder

Missienelly: Sure you can! Have you seen what kind of words Laurie could come out? *our post may ends up with M for mature!*

ADgirl: Quite often when I put things in I have already censored myself. * lowers head. So let me help you…..Dirty,rotten, no good, cheating rat bastard….. That is my censored version.  *evil grins*


Nikki:  I like how they both called the other PERFECT

Missienelly: Me too! The feelings are so mutual!

ADgirl: They are so cute, all the cheesy is worth it.


Nikki:  Cute moment 🙂

Missienelly: Him waiting at the bus stop with two ice-cream cones? *cranks up the fan*

ADgirl: *SWOONS* *THUD*  So many feels my legs are weak.


Nikki:  YES, take a trip to score or at least make your house mates think you will score…lol

Missienelly: LOL all about mind game here!

ADgirl: Commentators at their best. Wow! The subtlety has my stomach hurting I am laughing so hard…….

So we come to the end of episode 7. Are you as excited as we are for 8?  We are so full of high school girl, weak in the knees,  squees, over their relationship. We cannot wait. Will Hye Soo, truly go away with Jae Yeol. How will Jae Yeol cope in all this? Will Uncle Joe and Giraffe-ssi’s games work? What about creepy stalker ex? All to be seen in the next few episodes. Join us for episode 8. Leave comments, let us know what you think about episode 7.


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