Wednesday Eu-Mak: Rap Mon Battle


Hello yeoreobun, happy Wednesday! I hope your week is awesome so far. My son and I visited NewKdramaAddict yesterday. We spent time watching Only Love (review to come) and hang out with her and her daughter and cats. I had a fabulous time with her. She is the only twitter friend I have met more than once. I am lucky actually because we are only an hour (traffic could extend to hours) apart by car. But when I got home yesterday, my head was pounding. Migraine hit me like mad! Urgh, an hour nap didn’t help…

So because of the migraine, I feel like I need something hardcore and pounding music to beat this (yes, I still have minor migraine lingering behind my eyeball). When I am trying to find something that can relate with this migraine, I think of Rap Mon aka Rap Monster from Bangtan Boys aka BTS. His rapping voice is awesome! He has this tough BigBang T.O.P like voice and I feel he is wayyyyy better than T.O.P. Get out, I did not just say that! *ducks from T.O.P’s fangirls*. Mianhae ladies, I just find Rap Mon better. To spice up this battle, the vids for this post are by BTS. The different is the first part is from their first album, O!RUL8,2? and the second part is from the second album, Skool Luv Affair.

Here is the first Cypher. Short and sweet. You can hear how strong Rap Mon’s voice in here. His voice is very mannish and super clear. You can actually follow him word to word and he’s fast! I know so many people were blown by him.

And here is the second Cypher from the second album. Frankly, the second part is my favorite. It is longer than the first part. The collab is way better and faster. I’m totally blown away and the music is wayyyy cooler. I really love how they passed from one part to another singer to another singer.

Tell me, which is your favorite of the two?


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Eu-Mak: Rap Mon Battle

  1. nugu ttaemune? J-Hope ttaemune. nugu ttaemune? Rap Mon ttaemune!
    Aagh! Yes! My boys!
    Cypher pt 2 is my go-to song for just about everything! Especially driving. You would think it would make someone stressed to hear this while driving, but their voices soothe me. Crazy, right? I just can’t get enough of the three when they take turns rapping. Every part of the fangirl in me turns to mush. Oh lordy! So much sexy in one song! And Suga just kills it at the end!


    • Right??? I can listen to Cypher 2 over and over again. Call me crazy but there is something sexy on this whole ensemble! The voice. The music. The beat. The lingo. I can’t choose one. It’s my go to song and surprisingly, it is the cure to my pounding migraine!!! And oooooh that creepy laugh at the end! Seriously!!!!! It ended on a high note I almost thought the song isn’t complete! I’m so glad I can share this with ya, Sue!

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  2. Omg, yes! I love these! The second part is truly impressive because the rap gets so fast at the end that it’s just…wow.

    I am actually a big fan of T.O.P. but I guess I agree with you. Rap Monster does indeed have a much better flow and rhythm in his raps than T.O.P. Of course, T.O.P. is also skilled at what he does and he definitely impresses with his intensity when he raps, so I wouldn’t want to compare them too much because they both are talented. But yes, BTS impresses me so much with their rappers. Not only Rap Mon, but Suga and J-Hope are really really good as well, though they don’t have that harsh and rough quality to their voices that Rap Mon has.

    Btw, have you listened to BTS Dark & Wild yet? Rap Mon has some really fierce tracks in that album. And I love the whole album so much. BTS has so quickly become one of my favourite K-pop groups in such a short time. These boys are so talented and I’m really proud of them for coming out with Dark & Wild.


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