It’s Okay, That’s Love: Psycho-Cap Episode 8


We have a serious problem, the three of us are IOTL Krack addiKts. There… we said it. The first step is admitting it. However, how do we fix it? By sweating, discussing, screencapping and rewatching each episode. Especially when the writers leave us hanging with anticipation, each week. Over busy, family and tired, but every free moment is worth it. Does Hae Soo, go on the weekend trip? Will the writers do like the water kiss and freeze us before the heat begins?

Lets jump back on the “Crazy Train” to get our fix and find out.

Episode 8


Nikki:  The whole issue with her and the rooms annoyed the crap out of me.

ADgirl:  This is from when they are on the way to his Omma’s. She does nothing without thinking it through. She said so at the valley. She does not do impulsive very well.

Missienelly: I think this is the part before they leave the country…

Nikki:  It is but since I already know…She annoyed the crap out of me….LOL  (darn watching and coming back is making me crazy too…hee hee hee) but I LOVE IT!!


Nikki:  Mommy has a point because that is a natural occurrence

ADgirl: Does this mean she still loves the stepfather? I am confused with her and what is going on.

Missienelly: Sorry, I’m not following her at all.


Nikki:  MESS!!

ADgirl: I have a better understanding why he beat JY. Why JY let’s him. What kind of mother does that?

Missienelly: Poverty probably pushed them to be who they were… But now come to think of it, there are many well-mannered poor people so…


Missienelly: Uhm hello? He’s a writer! It’s his job to convince us…

Nikki:  His job is to convince us and to amaze and dazzle us *unicorns & rainbows*

ADgirl: Girl is so in love she would believe the sky is green if he told her. Besides he just wants to let go and have some FUN. *winks, red cheeks*


Missienelly: If this the case, I too can be a psychologist!

Nikki:  We all have our license at this point!

ADgirl: What kind of therapy is this. How can he do this objectively? He can’t! UGH!


Missienelly: The irony! She demanded attention the entire time!

Nikki:  Yeah, I would have played dead sitting next to her…lol

ADgirl: She  now has the time to sit back and think about what is going to happen or expects to happen.


Missienelly: She annoyed me and him!

Nikki:  And me too!!

ADgirl: Hehehehehe! Jae Yeul is probably going to make her pay for the annoyance. *giggle*


Nikki:  They have a serious push pull divorce couple struggle going on.  The struggle is real!!

Missienelly: You can feel it? Wow… She’s a mess though. She’s lucky he didn’t beat her!

ADgirl: Nope just drain the fun lovin’ life out of me. Come on girl you know you want to say it…. Doc Jo, you complete me! Bahahahahahaha.


Nikki:  I wanted to be right at this pool side

Missienelly: The only reason why I snag this pic! Let’s go there! Where is my itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-polka-dot-bikini?

ADgirl: I can see it now one side of the pool, lined with all the Khotties. The other side lined with us. *hands on cheeks* it just got excitable hot here.

Nikki:  I just decided to play the lottery to get us there…lol


Nikki:  I would kick this heffa to the curb.  She always feels people abandon her but she is the one that pushes everyone else away at this point

Missienelly: Typical teenage behavior! Me, me, me!!! What can you do for ME? Urgh… What a pain!

ADgirl: UGH! I have no time for the selfish teen or words. Except someone should beat you for hurting our Giraffe-ssi.


Nikki:  There are just some things that she should not even worry about now and this is one of them.

Missienelly: Why bother, really? I don’t want to know his past.

ADgirl: She is worried on some level that he is only after her sexually. She is a woman who had no interest at first. He admits to having many women. He knows how to woo them. From tabloids etc. In this case I would be asking too.


Nikki:  TRUTH!!

Missienelly: Really? But she’s no longer married! She deserves to be called a spinster now LOL

ADgirl: ^^ snicker. I was thinking more of a fool for her choices.

Nikki:  I think she is speaking from experience since this is her co-worker that is married still


Nikki:  Because they have a nut-case vid of him and they want his friend to confirm just how bat-shit crazy he really is

Missienelly: Bahahahahaha that’s right!

ADgirl: I believe Jae  Yeul gave them his bff’s number.


Missienelly: Did he have to think twice for this? *giggles*

Nikki:  Not happening if you bring a box home looking like this!

Missienelly: Bahahahaha, waeyo Nikki? It won’t turn you on? *bats lashes*

ADgirl: He is thinking of how badly he wants to let his monster out to play…… <.< >.> Where else did you expect my mind to go? No where but the gutter.

Nikki:  Well, I guess if you strap on one of these monsters….his would have no choice but to turn into one….LOL

Missienelly: Ohhhh ADgirl…. you have to mention his “monster”, do you? *giggles*


Missienelly: She’s quite flirtatious…

Nikki:  Right, she can heat up the fireman but he can’t hose her down when he wants to (keeping it

ADgirl: Hahahahha. Happy my mind is not the only one that goes there. 😛 He has some will not to jump on the flames and put it out.


Missienelly: I’m starting to feel for him regardless how mental he is as a person. IDK maybe he is innocent?

Nikki:  I am not sure what to feel…he has some hidden issues and secrets I think

ADgirl: I am sure there is more to all this. Yes there is a part of me that feels for him.


Nikki:  He needs to not work with her either to get her out his system

Missienelly: I say get her out of his system. She’s not worth it.

ADgirl: Wait what? Wow!  Yah clean her house and buy her things that will teach her.

Missienelly: Yeah, that’s just messed up.


Nikki:  Well, if there was no answer…why ask the

Missienelly: *shaking my head*

ADgirl: I know it was on silent. *face palm*


Missienelly: So if Kang Soo is sick… Jae Yeol is sick too, right?

Nikki:  Not sure what part of JY psyche this kid is a part of but he better get help quick because he is starting to look real crazy talking to himself.

ADgirl: Yes that is what it would mean. Hye Soo said it was symptoms of ALS. 😥 He will get the help he needs have the soul mate and die……stupid writers.)


Nikki:  She is trying to get her a new son-in-law.

Missienelly: Let the mom be happy…

ADgirl: She has loads of secrets, none for you. Why? Cause they are secrets.


Missienelly: Yes! Yes! Yes! She has met her match!!!! I’m so happy he said that to her…

Nikki:  Yeah, they are a loco match made in heaven

ADgirl: Boo Yah! You want to play? Well then so can I. In relationships we all take trips on the crazy train together. This one I am not sure I would want to take.

Nikki:  NOPE!!  This train can just leave me at the station…lol


Missienelly: I feel that she’s been harassing him the entire time. She really provoked him big time in my opinion. If I am him, I would be extremely annoyed. I would walk out on her… Seriously, I find her annoyed, bitchy and unclassy the entire episode.

Nikki:  She was a straight Bitch this episode.  I mean really, he wanted to have a nice time and she spoiled it by being nasty, mean, whinny, and bitchy and everything else.

ADgirl: She gives a whole new meaning to the meaning of tease! I understand her uneasiness, not the nasty part. Well if she is going turn the switch on and off, at will. He just has to pull the breaker. With the power out lets see who wins. 😉 😉


Nikki:  I think that is a question for after the fact in this case…lol

Missienelly: Hmmmmm…. She’s not pushing him away. I guess she’s okay…

ADgirl: Well his putting the brakes on seems to have helped.

As you can see, we each have our own thoughts when it comes to Hae Soo’s head, mind and body games. We all agree when it comes to Jae Yeol, he finally putting on the brakes and giving her a taste of her own “medicine”. What a sneaky game that was. Does it work? Do they make out on the beach? Or like the water kiss does she put on the brakes and slap him again? The writers once again left us wanting our Krack fix right freakin’ now. Wait a week ppppfffttttt what is that?  If we must, we must.

Join us for episode 9.


What do you think?

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