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Many who knows me knows that I hate (not dislike) sageuk genre drama. Only a few sageuk drama that caught my attention before. Arang and the Magistrate was one. Lee Jun Ki was so awesome he made me forget I was watching sageuk. Chuno was awesome too. Warrior Baek Dong Soo was extremely superb I saw it again two more times. I had major withdrawal after the show ended, Michele knows it. Tree with Deep Roots was a hard watch and I’m thankful for DramaFan for holding my hands till the end. So when 2014 started way back in January, I made a new resolution. I gotta make some peace and love with sageuk. I decided that my new kdrama resolution for this year is to watch 5 sageuk dramas. At first I thought it will be impossible because I have not find any sageuk that caught my attention. Until Joseon Gunman came along…


Lee Jun Ki is not the main reason I decided to watch Joseon Gunman although his presence is enough to soothe this shaky heart of mind. Again, he made this show such a breeze I don’t realized it’s a sageuk! And yes chingus, Joseon Gunman is my first sageuk drama for 2014! A big check mark on my list. One down, 4 more to go! *rubs hands happily* What’s next? Now I’m excited and hopeful I may get to complete my sageuk resolution by December 31! Don’t worry, as of today, I’ve added two more sageuk and one of them is currently super addictive!


With Joseon Gunman, I really don’t know what the show was all about at the beginning. I started watching it because everybody else are watching it too. I started it after the second week airing and I found it pretty awesome. Like I said, Lee Jun Ki made it so good I forgot it’s a sageuk! This dude has one awesome magic touch. When I saw him in his entire proper hanbok, he brought me the Arang feeeelzzz! Oooh my, this guy looks damn good in hanbok. But I started to follow the story after episode 5 and lo and behold, I’m unstoppable! This show is pretty addictive! As soon as Yoon Kang came back to Joseon as a new person with a stinking brand new identity, I cannot let this show pass anymore. Yeap, I’m pretty much addicted to quit. Yoon Kang’s dad was the famous greatest swordsman murdered for his loyalty to the King. Lord Choi Won Shin, previously a slave but given a new life to him and his daughter, became the puppet in this whole scandal. He was trained as a gunman and gunned down Yoon Kang’s dad. Yoon Kang decided to revenge for his dad but ended up being gunned down by Lord Choi as well. When Yoon Kang came back to Joseon as Hanzo 3 years later, everyone were shocked as he resembled the dead Yoon Kang so much. Well, he is Yoon Kang but refused to butt down that he is him as you know, that will reveal his secrets. Also, there will be no fun anymore, right? As Hanzo, he arrived back to his hometown as a Japanese merchant to deal with Joseon merchants, particularly with Lord Choi. And the most importantly, he came back armed as a smoking-hot shooter! But his SOLE purpose for coming back is to avenge for the murder of his dad. The only problem is that he is opening a bigger can of worm which he didn’t expect to see.


Joseon Gunman is not for everyone. There is a lot of back and forth unnecessary plots that really draggy and many people, including me, are annoyed with Nam Sang Mi, our damsel in distress heroine. To be honest, she annoyed me at the beginning but her character took a little swift which made me feel better now. But I rather see Jun Hye Bin plays Nam Sang Mi’s character as Soo In. I think the PD made a big mistake in casting. But overall, I really enjoy watching this show. Please do not expect any romance though. I mean, there is love interest but I wouldn’t put my stock on them. His chemistry is great but hers is pretty blehhhh. Originally scheduled for 20 episodes, the network extended Joseon Gunman by two more episodes making it 22 episodes all together. Extension is not my thing so I’m really frustrated when it got extended… Extension means plenty of filler plots from ep 19 to 22. Now, would I suggest Joseon Gunman? It’s hard to say. In the beginning, I wanted to say no but now, my view of this show has changed BIG time. My liking towards history has changed and I’m more receptive to it lately. Again, I’m not a sageuk fan but this show is goddamn awesome! It’s not Bridal Mask par unfortunately, but it still great!



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