It’s Okay, That’s Love: Psycho-Cap Episode 9


It’s getting hot in here… So take off all your clothes….. Well that is the song playing in our heads after all the hot, steamy, feelings, they left us with in episode 8. I mean a hot, night, private beach moment. HOT! HOT! HOT! Must keep somewhat PG. *evil grins* Well, we just want to get to episode 9. Gwaenchana? While waiting for her to smack Jae Yeul. With bated breath we begin.

Episode 9


Nikki:  I would have to say that I agree with him in that he is passive.  After seeing how he covers for his hyung, this statement is VERY true.

Missienelly: I still don’t get why he is passive. I thought he took charge on quite a lot of things.

ADgirl: I think he is a take charge kinda guy to avoid confrontation, work etc. In real relationships such as his Omma, Hyung,  girlfriends past and now Have Soo, he knows he cannot avoid the confrontation so he becomes too passive aggressive. Seriously, never mind the passive…… she went through with it. Not even a slap upside the head after the fact and a hot damn kiss to boot. LOVE IT!


Nikki:  To me this is like saying his whole psyche is crashing down right now because he is happy and really has no need for Kang Woo now.  Interesting to see how things play out….

Missinelly: Nope, I’m not getting this part either… How this scene related to his dream. I’m slow, ladies.

ADgirl: The more in love and emotionally attached Jae Yeul gets to Hye Soo, the less he needs Kwang Soo. In his psyche besides the bathroom KS has been his safe place when he can’t find a bathroom. Now Hye Soo is becoming his safe haven. In order to keep her KS has to go.


Missienelly: Can someone interpret what his dreams mean?

Nikki:  I think he is tormented by the lie he told in court so he thinks this is what will happen to him eventually by his hyung.

ADgirl: I think the two are related (Kwang Soo and Hyung) because he is trying to let go and be happy and does not believe he deserves to be happy.


Nikki:  LAWD!!!  Yeah, she is also a few fries short of a Happy Meal.  Making his bed for him???  What tha What?!?!  I have to draw a fine line for what I will do for crazy…lol

Missienelly: She is crazy after all, Nikki!

ADgirl: She has a better understanding. Being they did not show the hot beach scene, he may have “done” something as sweet to make her feel comfortable and accepting. So she makes his bed.


Nikki:  They should really try dating at this point or just sleep with each other and get it over with.

Missienelly: That’s what I said! Enough talking, get the action moving on already!

ADgirl: The epitome of sexual frustration is their relationship.


Missienelly: I, too, find it hard to believe that he’s already in deep love with her… Knowing how judgemental he can get and as a psycho writer, how can he fall flat for her? Someone is that opposite of his mom? Is that why?

Nikki:  You know….I just have to call it “Crazy in Love” because there is no time limit for love and this seems to be a love that he has never experienced.

ADgirl: She is the first woman to accept all of him. Not run or laugh when she found him in the bathroom. The stuff that happened with his Hyung, everything. That is why he let her in the bathroom, brought her to his mother. She trusted him enough with herself, she gave him all of her. We know she loves him, she does not know it.


Missienelly: Oh, really? Hae Soo will get to “meet” Kang Woo? *gasps* This is interesting!

Nikki: Dun! Dun! Dunnnnnnn!  Turned into a quick ep of “Where is Waldo?”

ADgirl: Hhhhmmmm? Will she play along like she did with the lady who thought she was holding her baby?


Nikki:  Yep, shoes so she could exit stage left!!

Missienelly: LOL.

ADgirl: These shoes were made for walkin’. Now get to steppin’, cause I’m finished with you. I hear a little Beyonce in my head… To the left, to the left. everything you own in a box to the left….. Yup she thought she was irreplaceable.

Missienelly: You’re so right, AD! She thought Giraffe-shi will stood  by her.


Missienelly: Uhm… What about her? Gosh, she pissed me off! Whatever she was doing, she’s a beggar too! *heavy angry breathing*

Nikki:  I had the stank face like her just watching her….she gives me a headache lately.

Missienelly: I really wanna FF on all of her scene actually!

ADgirl: Young or not, want to slap the shit out of her. She could have a much worse father than a beggar. Just take Jae Yeul’s stepfather for example.


Nikki:  If only that were true….I think we all know he is crazy about her and I don’t know why.

Missienelly: I don’t find her attractive at all. Her attitude is extremely a turn off for me.

ADgirl: May be the first time they met, even though she would have used him, he saw it as her being nice to him. Maybe she was the first girl to be nice to him in that way. Which is why he likes her now. If that makes sense.


Missienelly: Aha!!!! He’s lying!

Nikki:  BIG OLE FAT FIB!!!

ADgirl: Well I would not have sent her on her way, if you would get out of my brain and show up out of no where.


Nikki:  Hmmmm….could this be a story that he is writing about him and Hae Soo?  Orrr the whole house in general?

Missienelly: Could it??? The title strikes me as very melodramatic meets makjang LOL

ADgirl: Maybe Kwang Soo is the die of home that writes. Which is why he has writers block around Hye Soo. Still no matter it is freakin’ eerie.


Nikki:  All together now….. AWWWWWWW!!!!  They are like their own counseling group now.

Missienelly: Crazy people living in a giant crazy nuthouse!

ADgirl: OK suppose to be a melo moment. Sadly, all I can hear and think of is Donkey in Shrek… I’m all alone. Shrek – I’m All Alone… Hahahaha! Call me mean its true.


Missienelly: Dun dun dunnnnnn… The truth is out! And by the way, the thing that flew out of his pocket is his wallet!

Nikki:  I wanted to think it was his wallet but it was just so small.  Man, I would have loved to have been looking over their shoulder while they were watching this.  CRAZY!!!

Missienelly: Imagine if we were behind those officers watching the cctv!

ADgirl: As a cop and the victim and suspect not there I would have laughed my butt off.


Missienelly: I’m getting annoyed with her ex.. This guy has no shame. Even if it is for work, he could have suggested to meet elsewhere but no, he is willing to meet there.

Nikki: Getting annoyed….I am beyond annoyed with him.  He comes over on purpose now to see the doc just so he can see what she is up to.  Him and the Doc can always meet somewhere else.

ADgirl: my brain is at it again with music and characters. For him I get a Gaston vibe from Beauty and the Beast….. From That’s her She’s the one I am going to marry! …… To fighting the Beast. Only he does not die and Hye Soo does not witness the fight.


Nikki:  The way mom looks everytime she hears him say Jae Yul had something to do with killing their dad leads me to believe there is more to it.

Missienelly: I immediately can tell the mom is playing favorite with her children. It’s sickening!

ADgirl: I can’t even give it words….


Nikki:  It seems her and the Doc got married without thinking about what they really wanting out of a marriage.

Missienelly: They could have talked it out during their marriage…It should be an easy fix.

ADgirl: The push for career and money in Korea. Plus the eve more difficult task of being a woman in the mans world….. I think her career, would always have come first. Even now it would. You cannot fix what you do not want to change.


Missienelly: Awwwww they shared hanky…

Nikki:  YUCK!!!  LOL  She wiped her nose and stuff on it and she then put it on her face :/

Missienelly: Lemme rephrase that again…. Awwwww they shared germs together hehehe

Nikki:  LOL!!!

ADgirl: They just shared more together in this awe moment, than they did with Doc Jo and Jae Yeul.


Nikki:  This chick is a walking pistol..just waiting for the moment to cause damage

Missienelly: *nods*

ADgirl: in this moment no different than most teens. If not at home they learn it from the net, and friends.


Nikki:  You know….I have to wonder if he really used Amytal.  Why do I feel it was all a set up??

Missienelly: I agree… he could trick the mind just by hypnotizing Jae Beom. Water is just a scapegoat.

ADgirl: Do to Jae Beom what he did to Jae Yeul. If I am not mistaken, they said they already tried the Amytal and it did not work.


Nikki:  Well, she should use “I’m PMSing” the next time.

Missienelly: Urgh this girl is so hopeless. Picking bones at every single thing he said… i swear if I could slap her head, I would!

ADgirl: Insecurities and damage can wreak havoc on the mind/ she is still concerned he is a playya and was only out to get it from her. He sends her home alone, barely talks to her, snaps cause he is writing…. Not sure what I would think.


Nikki:  She was NOT happy when he said that.  If she was not in love, she would care less and would not be as affected.

Missienelly: Has she forgotten how she hated him so much when he first moved in to the house?

ADgirl: She has a right to ask we know why he is moving out. From her inside. First met hated him, all women throw themselves at him. She ignores him and even refuses his help etc to the nth degree. He moves into the home she is in, pursues her day and night. Entire time she says he is a player trying to get some…. She slowly gives in. he gets some comes back home and I am moving…. That will play on anyone’s psyche.

The Crazy Train stop till the next episode. Hope you are all enjoying the ride, as much as we are. For the most part episode 9, is a little slow. Were we squeeing, like Cheerleaders at a State championship, that she actually did not choke, freak out, or slap Jae Yeul?…. you better believe it. This ending? What move out? We know you are crazy, Jae Yeul. We have to ask were you just “playing” her? We are left with some positive previews.  We The Crazy Ladies are looking forward to episode 10.


What do you think?

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