Wednesday Eu-Mak: Get Your SPICA On!


Yeoreobun, happy Wednesday! Happy September! Wow, where has the time go? We are in our last stretch of 2014. We have 4 months to go before bidding sayonara to 2014. My goodness, how is your year so far? I myself pretty excited with September. My favorite group is making a comeback anytime soon. Don’t tell me you don’t know who I’m talking about??? It is none other than MBLAQ! I really hope it is a full album. And what’s more? The boys are producing their album this time! Michele and I are extremely excited and we are counting down to their first teaser. When??? When??? Palli already! We can’t wait!

Until then, let’s focus on these five beauties I recently discovered. Actually, I didn’t discover them. I have heard of their name for awhile but I never pay that much attention. I’m not a big fan of girls group because… let’s be honest, opposite attraction is always the case for me. Hence, I’m more focused on the male singers and boy bands rather than female singers and group. So SPICA is the name. The group started to get active in 2012. The five members are Juhyun, BoA, Narae, Jiwon and Bohyung. There is a lot going on with the girls and the most recent I heard, the leader Boa is going to debut as a solo singer whereas the rest of the girls will be under sub-unit as Spica-S.


For the first song, I selected their most recent released song called I Did It. This is their first US single and I thought it is one of the best debut by a kpop idol group. The song is very nice and quite commercial. But I dislike the MV though. Their label, B2M, should have insisted of this gorgeous summer weather and shoot the MV outdoor. The studio environment is pretty awful and frankly, I find it nothing special. I see what the production is trying to do… focus on the girls, their body and skimpy outfits. I’m not sure if the US market is ready for it. The song, like I said earlier, is commercial enough to be accepted in this market. But for some reason, it is not my kind of music. I just don’t like it. I wish them luck.

The next song I have selected for this post, and one of KLNoona‘s favorite, it is called You Don’t Love Me. In compare to I Did It, Spica did fabulous job in here. The song is way awesome and glamorous. I can totally relate with this song.  The image is quite sexy and very womanish. I like how they all have very strong personality and great stage presence. The look of confident women… The vid is not bad but again, it was shot in the studio. But I forgive them though coz this song was released back in January. Burrrrrrr…

What do you all think? I heard they were good in this year’s KCON. So many people I know that went to KCon raved over the girls. I guess I have to be there in person to understand. They are pretty alright for me. I hope you’re a fan of SPICA. Tell me what you like about them?



What do you think?

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