It’s Okay, That’s Love: Psycho-Cap Episode 10


Well we are on episode 10, this is the beginning of the home stretch. This is our new header that ADgirl found. We laughed when we saw it and just new it was a perfect fit for our caps.


What an ending to ep 9. It certainly left us gob smacked, with Jae Yeul announcing he wanted to move out. For goodness sakes was he playing her? Is he now fully on the crazy train? Jump on the TEAM CRAZY TRAIN, with us. Hold on, we are sure from here on out it will be a bumpy ride.

Episode 10


Missienelly: Uh oh, she’s already clingy to him… Not a good sign.

Nikki:  I was a little surprised too since she really hated him in the beginning and now she is like “Uh NO!!”

ADgirl: I am not sure she hated him. She admitted in the first episode she had found him attractive and loved his books untilthey graphic. All the tabloid news turned her off from him. It gave her a reason to not like or trust him. Not to mention the first time they met he was.staring down the makeup girls top. As we do know he is the first guy she gave her all too. Not just her body but her heart. She is afraid he will walk away.


Missienelly: Hehehe this is the face of a girl in love… Yeap yeap yeap.

Nikki:  Face of a girl knowing she is not about to get her way

ADgirl: Face of a very satisfied girl. She is more upset that he is getting his way, and she is accepting it. Then she is with him


Missienelly: Oh em geeeeeeee… I find him super schexy!!!

Nikki: Only from the chest up for me.  He is way too skinny and his clothes just sag on him

ADgirl: His face and body says “I’m sexy and I know it!” Yet he may be skinny, he sure owns schmexy.


Missienelly: I guess no one cares with this scene LOL


Missienelly: Dude! I can’t trust you either!

Nikki:  He is a fine one to talk of trust.  I am hoping that is straight saline he gave him

ADgirl: TRUST!? Does he even know the meaning of the word?


Missienelly: On unrelated topic… his ears are weird looking!

Nikki:  Looks like they may have been surgically pinned back and they did not alter the bottom

ADgirl: This is where I can picture him as Gaston, in Beauty and the Beast. 


Missienelly: What is it about him that he wants to clean his hyung’s name? The man spent 11 years of his life behind bar!

Nikki:  He knows he was wrongfully accused so now he wants to make things right

ADgirl: I am sure it is all about the guilt. As we know from episode 7, he sees his brother as child like. He asked Uncle Jo to help his brother. Not just fro. Guilt but as a5 brother truly  caring and wanting to help. I think it is not clean so much as clear his name, because he knows his hyung is innocent.


Missienelly: Oh my god! He did it! He took the knife but this whole scene went so fast so it’s hard to say if he took with intention to protect himself and Jae Boom OR really to stab his dad! What do you all think?

Nikki:  This was more a defense move.  His dad fell toward him it seems and that is what caused the stabbing.

ADgirl: I am going with defensive. He picked up the knife to try and take the attention away from Jae Boom. His step father tripped and fell.


Missienelly: Yeah… you tell him, Soo Kwang!

Nikki:  I always want to call him Kwang Soo…Arrrggghhh!!!  Darn writers

ADgirl: Writers and their creative names. Soo Kwang thats right you let him know he is being stupid.


Nikki:  Just weird…the fact that he talks to him (full conversation mode) no matter where he is just throws me off.  Anyone walking by would think he was crazy.

Missienelly: I know, right? I mean he’s in the middle of talking to nobody!

ADgirl: At this part when Soo Kwang sees it, well another song popped in my head. The more I watch the drama the more  it fits. OZZY’s Crazy Train. Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train Lyrics 


Nikki:  I wondered…why say this and then get mad at how things went down in the courtroom?  Fishy!!

Missienelly: Hoping that the judge would be lenient on him for admitting that he did it?

ADgirl: The more of his story I hear, the more empathy, I have for him. I am sure there’s more to this than we know at the moment.


Missienelly: Does she think being in a relationship is easy? It’s an investment!

Nikki:  She is making it more stressful than it has to be

ADgirl: She is definitely new at this game. She Dated in the past as we know. This is the first time she has wholeheartedly invested in the relationship. 


Nikki: It is called…TELEVISION and BOOKS…you can learn a lot from those at any age.

Missienelly: Really? I was too absorb with Sweet Valley High and Gilmore Girls to understand defense mechanism *sticks tongue out*

ADgirl: I knew about it, early age from cop shows. Not to say I fully understood it. It does not mean he fully understood it at 15 either.


Nikki:  Wonder if she wanted a quicky dressed like that going to his room *oh my mind is a playground with this show*  ^_^

Missienelly: Oh Nikki *wiggles brows*

ADgirl: My mind is always a playground too. More like , Hey pay attention to me over the writing. *hands over cheeks with thoughts*


Missienelly: Uhm… In English, please!

ADgirl: Lost in translation???? My subs said, mental wounds.. I am guessing deep hidden traumatic emotional wounds can make a person mentally ill. Which is true.


Missienelly: For sunbae who still find humor in this tough relationship… I salute him.

Nikki:  I say get it over with and then they will know if they really want to go at it again or just be homie, lover, friends. 🙂

ADgirl: a great way to break the ice. Wow such honesty, not sure I would have said it like that. He is staying true to self.


Missienelly: Hae Soo 1 Jae Yeol 0 *giggles*

Nikki:  Oh this had me cracking up…lol

ADgirl: hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha. I giggled so much. I really thought Jae Yeul was going to hit him. Instead…. I know. Hahahahaha. 


Nikki:  It is what it is…your friend showing his ass all alone on CCTV

Missienelly: It’s one man show, that’s what it is!

ADgirl: Your bff showing the world he is bat shit crazy! That what that is.


Missienelly: I was so nervous when he dialed that number… I thought he would reach to someone else’s phone. I would be panicking if I were him…

Nikki:  I just knew it would be a number that worked too.  Wonder if that was his old number as a kid?

ADgirl: I was so nervous, I thought Jae Yeul had another phone and was going to answer it. ^^ Nikki I never thought of that. That is very plausible.


Nikki:  Yep, that sums it up and if you don’t watch it…it will get worse. 🙂

Missienelly: He is at her mercy hehehe

ADgirl: Did you hear that… it was the crack of the Hye Soo’s whip. Muhahahahahahaha


Nikki:  I need her to back up and get out of her business.  Is she like this because he has money??

Missienelly: I don’t know… But I don’t get an older sister saying something like that for her sister’s future life. Oy… I’m talking too much now.

ADgirl: From she needs a date, and to get some to let him go. WHAT?????


Nikki:  Agree…looks so much better in tailored to fit dress clothes.

Missienelly: And he’s wearing sandal… C’mon! With that outfit? Paging for fashion 911!

ADgirl: Tailored.. MMMMM! She wants him so bad in that elevator. She is pushing all the up and down buttons.  *sheepish grins*

 What games the two are playing. His seems to be cat and mouse. He does not want people to tell people of the relationship? Why? Oh so many mushy moments and serious moments. Poor Tae Yoong, as a bff he is in serious turmoil and caught between a rock and a hard place. How much farther on the crazy train do the writers take us? Well join us for episode 11, to find out.



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