Breaking News: Patiently Waiting for G.O Oppppppa!


Okay, it is September 11 already in Seoul, South Korea. Where is my bloody song??? I’m sorry ladies, G.O has teamed up with a new rookie rapper, Damiano. At first glance, I thought he was SHINee MinHo! 1theK released the teaser on September 3. I believe this came out of nowhere. Bam! They got us G.Oooooood! Yeap, it was very unexpected that neither one of G.O fans saw this coming! I heard from Michele that the twitter feed blew up like mad on that day! Where was I???? Busy catching up with my beauty sleep… Urgh. I’m so hopeless. Jjinja! So let’s not waste any time and listen to the teaser. The man is fabulous! Period!

GO (1)


And here is an interview clip of G.O for doing No Diet with Damiano. Isn’t he handsome??? *happy sigh*

So back to where I was earlier…. Where is my bloody No Diet???? Palli and release it NOW!!!


What do you think?

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