Wednesday Eu-Mak: Don’t TROY with Me!


Good day, yeoreobun! Happy Wednesday and happy second day of fall!!! Yeap, the cooler air has crawled in officially and you can never leave home empty handed (must have jacket now). But it is all good… I’m ready for the cooler weather, but not ready what the winter will brings to us this year. I hope it will be as smooth as the song I’m about to feature for this post! Yes, A song! Why? I’m extremely busy and I can’t keep up with many chores including updating my blog *cries*. Sadly this is the truth.

But please *rolling eyes* just because there will be ONE song and you gonna get upset by it… Not too soon! Because the song is one helluva smooth, jazzy, soul feeling meets pop and hip hop! Boooooom! Didn’t see that coming, did ya? *bobs like a rapper* Uh uh uh uh, so did I! You’re not alone! It’s TROY! They are a new hip hop group debuting early this year! The song I’m about to share with ya is their second single and it is called Why are We. I know, I know… It doesn’t make sense at all. It didn’t register in my head until after I heard the song… What in the world Why are We means??? Urgh only Korean speakers and the boys would know. I must get back to my Korean lesson again! Anywho, the song is fantabulous! Don’t get me started with the first beat of this song…! Whooooooo I feel like dancing, y’all! The song is so cool it makes you feel awesome!


And who doesn’t like Bumkey anyway??? His voice, his crispy smooth voice is awesome! I really hope one day he collab with my bias, MBLAQ G.O. Seriously these two will make the music world spin in reverse! And the rest of TROY members are Kanto, Jaewoong and Changwoo. I don’t know who’s who but psssshhhh they all can sing and rap! This is unreal! Here, check it out the song for me!

Yeah? Yeah? You like? I knew you would like! So are you curious now? Ok, fine…. I’m going to bite my tongue and here is Green Light, their first debut song out early this March. The song gives ya a completely different feels but still a smooth one. Their voices are just… The song on the other hand though? Give me the Green Light to what? To s3x? *pouts* Urgh let’s not go there but you can tell from the MV that it looks like that’s what they are asking for! Hey, don’t shoot the messenger *sticks her tongue out*

Goodness, look at me and my big mouth! I said one song!!! I promised myself that it’s going to be a short post! I just lied to myself. Oh well, things happened… Can’t help that I love music so much! Anyway, for those of you who are in the northern hemisphere, enjoy your fall/autumn coz we know it ain’t long before the winter comes! And for the rest of ya, have a great week!




2 thoughts on “Wednesday Eu-Mak: Don’t TROY with Me!

  1. Couldn’t resist leaving you a comment…saw this when you uploaded but am now finally getting around to commenting. LOL.
    Loving your Wednesday Eu-Mak corner, Nelly!


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