Breaking News: Let the Light Be Shine Upon Us!


Holy mother of FT Island!!!! I’m truly speechless from their comeback Japanese song!!! The song is wonderful and powerful it gives me the chill to my bones!!!! All morning, all I could do was gasping! Besides my craziness over MBLAQ and sometimes INFINITE, the next best group I’ve always admired and enjoyed listening to is FT Island! They have the greatest rock songs, no matter in their native Korean or Japanese! And this new song, To The Light, just solidify how awesome this pop rock group is! Funny thing is I was listening to FT Island on my way to work this morning and I thought how wonderful and strong they are as a group! I sort of missed them. Their vocals are just too good to be true. Jae Jin has officially stepped up his game in this new song, and the song has more of him than Hong Ki. Wow, surprise surprise! But let’s not forget the leader and his raspy rockish voice! His voice is too awesome to be ignored. Like Erl said, they are giving Hong Ki a break which to be honest, I agree with her.

What do you all think of the song? Two thumbs up from me! I’m so ecstatic right now! A fresh of air and simply a break from my usual kpop songs. After hearing it for the nth time, I finally realized how much I missed them until I hear this beautiful song. How can they be so ahhhmazing??? Is it really possible? Is something wrong with my  hearing? Are they always been this awe-inspiring and breathtakingly good??? A big round of applause to FT Island! To The Light is an instantaneous hit for me today! I just wanna lit the light too…..! Bravo boys! Bravo!


8 thoughts on “Breaking News: Let the Light Be Shine Upon Us!

  1. Nell, just discovered something about this song: Jaejin composed it and Hongki helped with the lyrics! Isn’t that awesome or what?! The boys are definitely getting better and better. ❤


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