Wednesday Eu-Mak: Scandalous!


Hey all! Happy Wednesday! How are you all feeling? I’m feeling awesome by the way. I’ve had some rough weekend though but it is now behind me. Let’s move on with today’s post. I hate to say that this post will be short coz often times, I found myself blabbing on and on. Yeah, I just slapped myself hehehe. But today, I want to gossip a little bit. They are quite scandalous! Although the singer for the first MV was hit badly, her career remained on top of the chart. But the second MV, it’s some sort of indirect scandal and it just hit the net recently. How recent? This Monday. Recent enough? Ok, let’s begin…

The first MV is fresh from the oven. It was dropped on September 24. It is Ailee’s latest hit called Don’t Touch Me. Ouch, please don’t touch her anymore! She was hit with nasty scandal early this year with her pre-debut naked photo was leaked out on the internet. Her pictures were leaked out by one of the AllKPop staff. It is unknown, and I’m lazy to dig it out, whether the responsible person was let go or survived. I was disgusted by the news so I cut off my ties with AllKPop completely. I know I know, I took it way too personal but hey… I couldn’t help it. And Ailee has been quite ever since. Sure she contributed her voice to a few OSTs but only now that she finally released her single again. I love Ailee’s voice. I secretly wish that she would do a duet with my boy G.O one day. So let’s go back to Don’t Touch Me! Please don’t pay attention on her body. People are screaming that her thin figure is not the Ailee they used to know. I don’t care for all that. It’s her body so she can do whatever she wants. All I care is her awesome voice! The song is fabulous. Buttttttt… I think she can do better than this! It seems that the MV is focusing more on her new image rather than her voice. She deserves to be recognized! She’s the new queen of OST so if she can sing such ballad song, why can’t she sing such ballad song for her own album? *sigh*. I hope she realized how much potential she has and how far she can go with her singing career. Alright, let’s hear the song!

The next MV is called Holler by Girl’s Generation unit group, TTS aka TaeTiSeo. The song was dropped by SMTown on September 16. The barbies are adorable! The song is catchy but not to my liking. It’s definitely a GG typical song. But what scandal do they have? If you have read the news recently, one of the GG member, Jessica, posted a message on her Weibo that she’s been kicked out of the group. But in reality, in my opinion of course, she’s playing victim. She recently launched her own clothing line and let’s admit, will she have time to spend with GG now? Some would say this is SMTown’s fault but I think the fault is on Jessica as well. Why can’t she be frank? This time, she pushed SMTown to the corner. But hey, what do I know, right? SMTown is notorious of ruining one’s career. Look what they did to JYJ. Regardless, let’s wish the best for Jessica and her future endeavors. Anyway, let’s focus on Holler. The trio’s vocal are much more solid and stronger, especially from Taeyeon,  and they did a way better performance than their previous album. I’m really enjoying this comeback! Even their live performances were solid. I had fun watching them.

The year 2014 has been a doomed year for kpop industry. So many awful news this year… Jessica and Ailee made the news. Who else will? I don’t want to jinx it but we have three more months before the year is ending. I should say 4 more months according to eastern calendar…  I hope they will be no bad news in the coming months. Well, that’s all for this post from me! Oooooh, I almost forgot…. HAPPY OCTOBER!


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