Currently Watching: Night Watchman’s Journal


My sageuk resolution continues with the Night Watchman’s Journal. This is my second sageuk for this year. I’ve completed my first, Joseon Gunman, and my third, King’s Daughter. When I started watching Watchman, I hesitated again. The show was all cool and full of Hollywood effect, but it didn’t grasp me as hard as other viewers. I hesitated to continue and once considered quitting it. But I was encouraged not to quit… And to be honest, I hate quitting show. I don’t wanna be a quitter. It just look so bad on my drama resume *shrugs*. So I went on… and on and on and here I am, 16 episodes later I’m stoked over the show! What makes it even better? I got my son hooked on it too! He’s so intrigued by the black smoke, the evil spirit (I’m trying not to teach him the word “ghost” as he’s been telling me there’s a ghost on our deck at night – NOT), Sadam (as he referred to whitey bad dude) and the fighting scenes. And me? Other than the show? I’m loving Il Woo’s character, of course!


So this fusion-like sageuk is very interesting. Very cowboy-ish, very fantasy like, very complicated characters (reminded me so much of Inspiring Generation), and very fresh! The mystery behind the wing-less dragon (my hub said they portrayed it correctly as this is how East Asian historians would describe their version of dragon) is fascinating. The black smoke reminded me of ABC’s Lost. Copycat? Oh well, just a tiny concept. Amuden, Night Watchman’s Journal is one-of-a-kind out-of-this-world historical style drama that is not historical at all. It just happened that this drama is set as a period drama.


Regarding with the number of episodes… Yeah, can I say I don’t know? *laughs*. AsianWiki has it at 24 episodes whereas MDL at 20 episodes. Regardless, we are still watching it, right? This is the story of Prince Lee Rin, the direct line to the throne but due to the death of his parents, he was sent to live outside palace. The prince is a rebel but has a cool side to him. He can see ghosts since he was a kid. Now, the country is led by his pathetic schizophrenic half brother.  Rin joined forces with his bestie, Moo Seok, and a newfound friend Do Ha, to seek out the truth that happened in the palace. I called them the sageuk ghostbusters! *laughs* They called themselves the night watchman. Anyway, their main target is Sadam. Sadam is the responsible person that caused all the negative energies in the town and was the reason for the death of Rin’s parents (indirectly to his mom). The goal is to get rid of Sadam once and for all. The dumb King unfortunately is controlled by psychic Sadam. So is the Prime Minister and been feeding dirty thoughts that he could help the Minister to be the King. Aiyayayay…


So the sageuk ghostbusters mission is now to wipe all the bad energies aka ghosts that linger around the town. Sadam had been feeding himself with these energies and his goal is to release the dragon the late King took in in the earlier episode. Correct me if I’m wrong. Like I said, I still couldn’t follow the story well… Somehow my brain is refusing to get it LOL. But in general, this is an awesome show. I like the action and how the story is quite engaging even though I’m still lost. I’m not helping, am I? Well, just watch it *wink*. The romance? Don’t count on it. It’s almost nonexistence! The bromance? Well, would a sleep over between Rin and his BFF helps to get you watch it? *growing horns* I feel so evil right now!



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