Currently Watching: Suikyuu Yankees


Yes, I’m back with another Jdrama! I’m starting to lean towards jdrama more and more lately. Thanks Bel for plexing this drama for me. And I must say, what a great drama Suikyuu Yankees is. I don’t want to sound too pervy even though I am one *laughs*, I must say it is refreshing to watch half naked boys fighting healthily to prove that they can do whatever they put their mind into. This drama supposedly to inspire people that you can do and excel in it if you put your mind into it.


The reason I said half naked boys is that the story is about two water polo teams trying to prove they are simply the best! Naoya just recently moved to Karo High, a once famous school for everything but now is the lowest tier in the town. Saoru is currently the famous school in town with their water polo team to be the best of the best. Naoyo started to recruit some kids to be in the team. It took him 6 episodes to convince the kids and one of them is Ryuuji. He was the best water polo player in Suiran High but left the school after losing his ace position to Tsuyoshi. So the next four episodes to come, I expect this show to be full of training action on Naoya’s team and how they regroup to be the best in town! I also expect to see some tiny romance between the characters (Nagisa and Naoya and Nagisa and Ryuuji) but I don’t put that much hope. The goal of Suikyuu Yankees is to prove themselves that they can win the game!


Suikyuu Yankees is a short 10 episode drama with each episode is 35 minutes long. I don’t expect this drama to wow me as long as it is entertaining. And so far it is! I look forward to the ending! I hope they clear up the misunderstanding, the so-called love triangle, the dignity for Kasu High and get their pride again. By the way, for all those you crazy boys out there, I am a little worried. Please ladies, hold yourself together! *wink* And yes, this drama is silly but worth watching!


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