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Yes, I know I’m days late but for those who haven’t seen or heard VIXX’s latest single, Error, you may have to check them out. Like right now! NOW! The song is absolutely ahhhhmazing! I cannot believe what I was hearing earlier today. I already know how awesome these kids are. Their previous albums and singles are already crazy awesome. I feel that their songs are the best among the newest kpop groups from their generations. And with Error, they switched gear, up their games and elevated themselves to  be the greatest group around! And I can’t help but to say this, they basically beat their old selves!

Another thing, check out their vocals! How awesome are their vocals!!! My jaw was on the floor  not once, but twice (coz I heard it twice) *winks*! The music gives me that 90’s pop rock music vibe for some reason. I don’t know, maybe it is just me and it is not a bad thing actually. But don’t worry coz I still loooooove it! It’s kpop and they make it better than ever! I’m not too crazy over the MV. I’m not a big fan of futuristic robotic and I do not like to follow the story line. Yeah, it’s just me… *shrug* But I noticed a lotta Hongbin and Leo!!! Where is the love for other members? *tsk tsk tsk* The make up is incredible. The choreo seems impressive, every group has their own signature move and so does VIXX.

I don’t typically like to listen to many kpop groups – I am quite reserved to few groups but adding VIXX into my collections early this year was the best thing I did for myself! Please check out Error! The song is great! The boys are great! Their performance are great! VIXX comeback is the  bomb!


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