Wednesday Eu-Mak: Home Sweet Home


Dear all, my health is extremely bad. This year is not a good year for my health, that’s for sure and hence, this post is terminally late. I’ve been sick for the past two weeks and when I almost see the light, I fall back to the hell hole. Right now, all I want is to go home. Home to my mother. Home to cuddle in bed with my son. Home to home cooking food is. Home. Don’t you feel like it when you’re not feeling well and all you want to do is to go home? This is the price to pay for being far, far away from family. When I think of home, I thought of Michael Buble’s Home. His voice is so soothing and calm I could burst out into tears right now. Let’s just hear it, shall we?

Wow! Ahhhh mazing, isn’t it? I could never get bored with this song. I could never get bored with his voice. I first heard this song back when I was a graduate student. My friend just wouldn’t stop playing it. She kept playing it over and over and over until I became so addicted I couldn’t get the song out of my head. What got us both addicted was how beautiful Michael sang this song. Lemmmmme go hoooooome! Michael Buble’s Home was incredible.

And what is incredible is that Roy Kim has a new song called Home as well. This new song gives me the almost Buble’s Home feeling. The vid has many thoughtful messages which somehow reminded us that we are only human. And Roy’s voice is just so… This kid is a great ballad/indie singer. I have been following his career since his first album. What a great singer.

Thank you for stopping by. I have lost track of time. I still think today is Tuesday when in fact Thursday is around the corner. This body needs rest. I hope you enjoy Home as much as I do.


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Eu-Mak: Home Sweet Home

  1. I am so sorry that you feel this sick Miss Nelly! Im sending a lot of positive energy your way! I love Roy Kim’s voice so I’ll check out his new song as soon as I can get my headphones 🙂 Please feel good soon! Kisses to you and A 😘😘😘


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