Wednesday Eu-Mak: I’m Back!!!!


Hello and happy Wednesday. I’m back! I’m not completely healthy *coughs* but at least I’m back. My recovery has been very slow but I’m slowly crawling out of this hell hole. I hope to be completely healthy by next week. Yeap, it’s a shame that I’m at this age but yet getting sick more frequent than anyone older than me. But this year has been a not so good year. This is a year of a horse. I’m a horse. My BFF has warned me early this year that WE (him and I) must be very careful with what we do. I have been keeping a close eyes on myself and family and two things I noticed – my health and my husband’s business. Oh well, I don’t want to dwell on that but basically, I’m under stress throughout this year. But now that we are 2 months before 2015 come knocking on our door, I secretly wish nothing bad will happened to both of us. I’m always skeptical with horoscope and stuff like that, but I have to admit my BFF is right.


So to celebrate my comeback even though I have been here all the time, this song is just so appropriate and it kinda define me, somewhat of course. This is BeatBurger. Yeah, I don’t know if this is a group or one man show but this song, She So High, is absolutely awesome. Not many people know this but I love techno. This dance-techno song really make me want to just push this chair away and get up and jump as high as I could. There is nothing much to talk about his vocal coz this is a dance-techno song and the singer’s voice is almost digitized and synthesized. The MV featured TVXQ’s Changmin and Go Hye Sun. The vid and the song doesn’t really go together, in my opinion, but hell… I saw couch dance so that works, right? *laughs*

Okay, I suddenly have this urge to look up on BeatBurger and I found out it is a new electro-pop group by SM Entertainment. Eeeeek! SM Entertainment again! BeatBurger is led by SM’s own performance director, Sim Jae Won, and guitarist Joo Sung Min. This group was formed back in 2009 and they slowly recruited other three members. Don’t they look hip? I ususally think electro musician is a one man, DJ show but I guess I’m wrong. So regardless of the MV, I effing love the song! I perks up when I heard it the first time! I had to share that awesome feeling with Erl, my good buddy! She loved it too! She approved it! And you know, the best way to hear this song is to blast it through your headphone! Really! You don’t need any drugs, this song will make you high! *nods* I’m not kidding you! Try it!

It was awesome, right? I have no idea how many times I’ve been listening to this song since last Friday. I was on music hiatus for awhile. I had to give my ears a rest but I am officially back as of today. Because I’m still in recovery, one song should be enough. I don’t want to shock my system again! *laughs* Anywho, enjoy your awesome Wednesday and I look forward to see you again next week!


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