Breaking News: It’s Halloweeeeeeen!


Happy Halloween! And TGIF! Let’s celebrate our scary Friday with these two almost weird MVs but with fun, fun music!

The first MV is by Laboum. I believe they are new to kpop. Well, hello there girls and I like this song a lot! The MV is not that creepy but it has that Halloween mood to it – I don’t know how to explain it but the girls have this funky move as if there’s a timer attached to their back. They are not so robotic which I’m perfectly fine and once they start dancing, they became alive! And the sound of unwinding clock a the beginning. It can be a little scary, right? Pfh… forget what I just said. Just watch it *wink*.

The next MV is by WIMP. This one started fine but it became something else after that. The human aka the performers suddenly  “digitized?” – hell, I don’t even know how to say it! Well, if you wanna know, they are virtual duo musicians, Meb and Mek. I love the song though but the MV just creep me out. It’s a dance song so yes, you have my permission to dance!

Well, have a great howloweeeeeen! Ack!


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