Wednesday Eu-Mak: Something New…


Yeoreobun, annyeong!!! It’s Wednesday and the first week of November! Yes, yes, yes! Let the holiday celebration begin! We recently had our time change and “technically” we gained another hour of sleep. Well, yeah… I don’t feel it anymore. I need more sleep *shrugs*. But what do I love about November? The feeling of holidays. I don’t know if you can feel it but it is in the air. People will start talking and exchanging recipes for the Thanksgiving meals, browsing internet for home decor ideas, searching for the perfect clothes (the looser the better for me so I can eat as much I can without showing my muffin top). And for others, the Black Friday may nominate their brain space. What to buy for X’mas pressies? Yeap, I’m one of those people now. Sad but that’s the truth.


To celebrate November, let’s celebrate with this awesome song! It is called Half An Hour. Yeap, gimme half an hour to snooze! Gimme half an hour so I can finish this drama. Gimme half an hour before going to bed. Half An Hour. This song is daebak. The music is very simple because the center of the attention is the singers’ voice. The MV is so simple, yet interesting. The duo, Almeng, was in top 4 of K-Pop Star 3 competition and made their debut under YNB Entertainment. According to Wiki, the duo was eliminated back in March. I’m quite impressed with their performance. Apparently, they wrote all the songs in their first mini album. Impressive! I guess they know what they want and what kind of song suit their voices. It makes sense, right? Jja, give Half An Hour a hear and judge it yourself *wink*

Yeah, I knew you would like it. Here is another song from their latest album, Composing of Love, called Phone in Love. Phone in Love. Fall in love. Get it? Pretty catchy, eh? The song is pretty awesome. It is as awesome as Half An Hour. Right now, as I’m listening to the song, I just can’t do anything much. The song makes me sway right and left. The MV is pretty cute and they are cute together. Their voices compliment each other so well. Match made in heaven. Really. And it is hard to find brilliant duo group these days.

Eotteo? You like you like? I knew it *claps hand*. You can trust these two. I’m loving these two songs already. If you are interested, their songs are available on iTunes. Check them out, yo.



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