Breaking News: Turning 28!


My bias, MBLAQ G.O is officially 28 years old! Saengil Chukahaeyo, Jung Byung-Hee ssi! I’m so thrilled to be your fan! The man has yet to tweet anything to his fans. Well, I can just imagine the overwhelming wishes he received from his fan at the daum cafe and Twitter. Even I took part tweeting him the minute the clock start midnight KST time. I wasn’t alone, the fiesta started with bunch of his fans spamming well wishes and warm words to the most gracious man we know. He’s one lucky guy!


Hehehe I got tiny crazy. Instead of one tweet, as I promised myself, I tweeted three more tweets! Sorry, I couldn’t help it and I was pretty delusional today. I called him my hubby *giggle* and poor tweeple thought it is my hubby’s birthday. Hehehe I had to clarify… How embarrassing. But you know, I might continue to tweet him later today… It’s a day celebration!



Now let’s spam this post with some of his best pics! Look at how handsome he look!


They said three’s a crowd! But triple shot of G.O? I could handle that!


And look how adorable he is!


 And even when he covers his face, he still looks mysteriously charming!


No matter what hair color he choose, he is still gorgeous!


And he is one goofy guy!


So, on this beautiful day, November 6… Let’s wish this handsome man a very, very happy birthday!


 Because REALLY… It is fabulous to be Jung Byung Hee today. He turns 28! Twenty-eight of awesome year!


 So ladies, keep calm, stay cool and continue to support MBLAQ G.O. 



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