Wednesday Eu-Mak: Worth Your Tears


I’m not in the mood for tears but really, I see tears almost daily from my son. But is his tears worth my sympathy? Sometimes… You know how adorable kids using you with tears? Yes, I fall into that trap one day and now, every single thing that did not go against his wishes, he will cry. But I have gotten way better lately in reading him. I am sure every mothers in the world know how to differentiate between real and fake tears. So which one really worth your tears? Annyeong yeoreobun, it is another Wednesday and we are slowly, slowly nearing to the last phase of 2014. This year has been a real struggle for everybody. Some struggles worth tearing up, and some struggles simply knock your socks off. In the Korean music industry, for example, this year is extremely harsh. There were news of death, group member getting kick out, accident, group getting bad treatment from their own agency, group on the verge of splitting, scam rumor, and many more. On top of that, let’s not forget with death news around the world. Oy… The point is this year worth your tears much more than previous one. Well, I’m just saying… Because of tears, the songs I have in line for all of you are tearjerkers. Let’s get started, shall we?


The first MV is called Crying Out, by EXO D.O. Well, we remember him as Kang Woo in It’s Okay, That’s Love. His lovely, childish face really brought smile to my face. I have never heard him singing solo and when I heard this song, my facial expression turned gloomy. My heart stopped beating the minute he started singing. Is this possible? He successfully brought me into tears with his soft, low voice and he didn’t even use all his vocal skills. What a great performance as a young singer. You could almost feel the sadness with his voice, and just look at him, he gives me goosebumps. This is an OST for his recent released movie called Cart. The song is only 2.05 long but it felt long. The climax at the end really gives me the chill. I like this song and the movie seems very sad, it portrayed the struggle of a mother raising a family. Did I make you cry already? Unintentional, chingu ah… But I absolutely heart this song!

The next MV is a little more up beat than Crying Out because it is more of a hip hop and R&B. The song is by Crush and the song is called Sofa. I don’t get the title but when I read it, “the ‘SOFA’ is used to describe the feelings of not being able to go after a long gone old lover in a rather ambiguous way.” It is hard to get it, I’m not really into philosophical kind of theme here but when I checked out the lyrics, it is quite interesting. Here is one verse from the song:

I couldn’t fill it up alone
The longing that spread throughout the room
I couldn’t place it in my heart
Because of that damn hope
Sitting here alone is bigger torture
I try to escape
But I’m looking for you again

Wow, I’m touched. Really. No one wants to be alone, that’s for sure… Crush is known to sing more of hip hop songs so for him to lower his guard down and sing a heart-wrenching song is quite aww-ing. All you hear in Sofa is just vocal, no added digitized element. It is purely him alone. I like it and while the song is not necessary would make you teary, but it is deep enough to understand the struggle of a man.

What is going on with me? I suddenly become so mellow! Hmmmm… Geogjeongma, I will be back to my real quirky self soon! Until then… Enjoy your Wednesday and the rest of your week!


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