It’s Okay, That’s Love: Psycho-Cap Episode 12


Boy is this Team Crazy Train, late on the last few episodes. We got stuck in Crazy Busyland of our real lives. All Passengers leaving for Crazy Town jump on to Team Crazy Train… What was that at the end of episode 11? Marry Me? Can we say happy dancing and squeeing!!!! He made our hearts go thumpety, thump, thump, BOOM! What her reaction…. Well  not really surprising. These writers certainly have stuck to the characters personality and not jumping a 360 loopty loop with them.

At times we certainly feel like we are in a live cartoon version of Looney Tunes. Can you hear Jae Yeol…. AAAHHHH, Wat’s up Doc? When He talks to her…. How about some Hedley… Crazy for You, before we depart

PPPSSSSHHHHTTT! Off we go. Chugga Chugga choo choo!


Episode 12


Missienelly: What? Is it that bad to think about marriage? I know she’s freaking out… but she’s at her marriage age now.

ADgirl: Are you sure me, with all those other girls? You know I am messed up and have problems……. MARRIAGE? Not happening.

Nikki: Hee hee hee….he said marriage


ADgirl: OMO! He asked me to marry him. If I close my eyes, pretend I am asleep,  he will not know I am freaking out. Stay calm! Stay calm!.

Nikki: Freak out in 5…4…3…2…BOOM!!!

Missienelly: Was she freaking out but pretending that she’s all cool? Urgh…. her ego tho.


Missienelly: This scene really stresses me out… I feel their pain. Jae Yeol needs help. Stat.

Nikki:  This was wayyy stressful for me.  1. Because doc was so happy she had found someone to be happy with and now she has to cut him off COLD  2. Because his friend was severely hurting for him

Adgirl: True loyalty and friendship…. I only tear up do not cry during movies and dramas. If I could I would have sobbed at this part.

iotl Missienelly: I am SOOOOOOO with him! Who else can stand her unless that person is madly in love with her, right?

Nikki:  TRUTH!!  They say love is a chemical imbalance so yeah, they are both a little off kilter so it can work

Adgirl: He knows he is breaking her down. If not she would have smacked him and not just spit out her beer. My heart is screaming, “Chincha? YAE Right freakin’ now.” While my head is screaming, “WAE? You know I am crazy, damaged goods. But ooooo I want to marry you.” 


Missienelly: Two scenes – the dorkiness of these two and the seriousness of doc. For sure, doc is taking it very serious and he is rather sensitive and emotional about it. I’m happy that  he is concerned for both Jae Yeol and Hae Soo.

Nikki:  I also love his concern…I am sure it is tearing him up inside something awful

Adgirl: He knows she finally has found happiness and someone who will always love her… If he was not broken. Now he has to somehow let her know without hurting her. There is no way to do that. Poor Uncle Joe. *Wipes Tears from eyes*


Missienelly: I understand how a parent feels and it seems that Soo Kwang’s dad is not an expressive person but you can just read his face and tell how he feels about it. But I was so upset that he walked away when his son trying to explain it… His ego was up to the roof. Maybe give it a time to accept? But for how long?

Nikki:  After hearing his mom tell him that his dad actually does blame himself…I felt bad for the both of them

Adgirl: The pressures of society saying what perfection is and all must conform to it…. I cannot imagine. Either way I am not so happy with his father. Yes he blames himself, but why act like he can do nothing at all? Why not see he is happy?


Missienelly: Dayyyyummm at the whole scenario!

Nikki:  My thoughts exactly!! ^^

Missienelly: It felt so surreal!!! As if he was there too!

Adgirl: It is as if he is a profiler. I suppose with his background he is in a way. He is probably piecing together everything from Hyung’s confession to what he knows about Jae Yeol, and Omma. I am sure the scene on the video helped a bit too.


Missienelly: And the biatch think she’s getting laid! Ooooops, sorry… hehehe but that’s how I picture it in my head!

Nikki:  Me too….he should have just been with her all along instead of stalking his ex

Adgirl: You know,  he is just looking for a friend…… with benefits. *evil grins*

iotl Missienelly: The epic talk! I guess… Is she accepting her mother? Or sympathizing her? At this point, I don’t know what to think of her mother. She cheated yet faithful towards her husband. How do I evaluate this? The woman have needs too?

Nikki:  I am really not sure how to take this…hmmmmmm

ADgirl: I do feel for her mother. I believe if her father did not get sick, she would not have cheated. As anyone knows, a lady needs to get somethin, somethin’. In that situation gettin’ some probably helped her not to lose her mind.

iotl Missienelly: What are the odds that Kang Woo would be calling him during his “unofficial” psychiatric session with Dr. Uncle Joe!!!

Nikki:  I think the odds were high because that is why he wanted to get him to drink I am sure.  My heart just could not take it watching the Doc watch him… 😥

ADgirl: When he sits down, tells Uncle Joe, he doesn’t drink, so can be in full control of his mind.  I am guessing he an episode after drinking once. 


Nikki:  He turns into a cute and cuddly drunk 🙂

Missienelly: Temporarily in a better world I would think…

ADgirl: I love that she could not stay upset with him. He is like a giant puppy in this moment. So adorable yet frustrating.


Missienelly: I told you guys!!! But I’m proud of this girl though. She did not flinched one bit when his Tourette syndrome suddenly attacked him. I think his incident with his parents open up her eyes.

Nikki:  I was so happy that this happened to be honest.  I have to remember that she is about 18/19 by their standards of high school.  I think they look so cute and I like how everyone was cheering them on.

Missienelly: What? That old?

ADirl: The cheering squad is in. Yay for Soo Kwang! She certainly is growing on me. 🙂

iotl Missienelly: Well… he should know the truth too!

Nikki:  Ain’t that the truth?!?! 🙂

Missienelly: Stop messing with me!

ADgirl: Gggrrrt! He won’t stop till both Omma and Jae Yeol are in the ground.

iotl Missienelly: I’m glad he asks for opinion just to verify Jae Yeol’s craziness. I bet they are diagnosing it as we speak!

Nikki:  Yeah, and I can only imagine how she felt upon hearing all the crazy and watching the vid.  That vid is just wayyy to much  😥


Missienelly: It’s ironic that she’s wearing a black dress. Is she ready to hear what they are about to say? *biting nails*

Nikki:  Right, like she was showing up at her own verbal funeral

ADgirl: My, she is beautiful in the black dress. This cannot be easy for her two friends.

Can you imagine being in Uncle Jo and Docs place right now? We would not want to be them. This episode was climbing the steep incline tracks of intensity. Team crazy coming to a rest for now. How will Hae Soo react? Is she now going to dump Jae Yeol, because he is broken? Will she be upset. Take a tour around and get ready to jump back on Team Crazy Train.


What do you think?

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