It’s Okay, That’s Love: Psycho-Cap Episode 13


Team Crazy is back. Our broken Jae Yeol needs help, and needs it fast. We are so worried for Hye Soo, for whom as we know, for the first time in her life gave her, heart and soul to a man, only to find out he is broken. *heartbroken, sad face*  *Shakes fists*  *WHY?* Will they survive? Will she hate Uncle Joe and Doc? What about the rest of the cast? Do they tell his family? So many questions come to mind, as the climax is being reached. Well lets not dawdle, the train is leaving, we have 4 episodes left to reach our Final destination.


Episode 13


Missienelly: the most serious scene I’ve seen in this show… so serious!

Nikki:  You could cut the tension with a knife…it was hard to see her in semi-denial about everything

ADgirl: I for one loved that the writers showed Hye Soo’s human side first for this scene, then her doctor side to defend Jae Yeol. I was cheering for Hae Soo, what break though she has had. Without even knowing it, she puts her own weaknesses and fears of love and commitment aside for him. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!


Missienelly: Urgh… she’s in denial already. I don’t blame her. It is hard to swallow.

Nikki:  This is like criminals….Innocent until proven guilty

ADgirl: Yah! That’s the ticket….. defend your man to the end.Brain tumor is a possibility????? * twists mouth to the side while  thinking* RRRRRIIIIGGGGHHHT! Mmm,  NOT!


Missienelly: Her first confession. This is good. I hope she realizes it later…

Nikki:  She is making that FIRST step in the right direction we all hope

ADgirl: It is K-dramaland so of course she figured it out. The first step to curing crazy is admitting it. 🙂


Nikki:  He is as cute as he can be.  I can only imagine what he is like when he dates for real.

ADgirl: Whenever he acts like this, I get Bugs Bunny’s Abomnimal Snow Man going in my head….. Oh Boy! A pet for my very own. I will love, hug him, and squeeze, and call him, George!


Missienelly: Oh my god! What a huge home! And there’s four car garages? But no one has any cars but Jae Yeol!

Nikki:  I thought this house was so interesting with all the stores and offices at the bottom and the house at the top with trees and everything.  Like I wonder if there is root damage to the stores below of what the design for being able to put trees there was even like.

ADgirl: It would not surprise me if they built around the root base


Missienelly: I love how Dr. Joe knows how to separate between work and personal. He knows how upset Hae Soo is yet he made no attempt of giving her special treatment to accept Jae Yeol’s sickness.

Nikki:  Yeah, he has too in this case and I know it is not easy for him.  Esp when you are taking a person’s 1st love and 1st shot at true happiness right off from under them

ADgirl: They do a great job of showing, the difficulty Uncle Joe has, not just with this scene, also scenes since he found out.


Missienelly: I love this scene! Seriously some parents have no patient when dealing with their kids. You can’t expect them to pick up fast!

Nikki:  Some parents don’t want to deal with their kids so they think that doping them up is the answer….like her

ADgirl: Quite often doping is less expensive than therapy and fixing the problem. That is why so many parents dope.

iotl Nikki:  Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!  🙂

Missienelly: I would love to smack him too!

ADgirl: The dynamics of it all, has me believing they are not just characters, real life people.


Missienelly: Soo Kwang the healer!

Nikki:  I love how he explained everything in simple terms

ADgirl: This is where I start to choke up. His part was so clear.


Nikki:  Hmmmm…REALLY!?!?!  You think we could not tell???

Missienelly: Can someone give her a mirror?

ADgirl: I do not think she needs the mirror, now that she is admitting it.


Missienelly: Don’t they look good together?

Nikki:  Yes, they do 🙂

Missienelly: And now with the rumor that they are dating… *rubs chin*

ADgirl: After Masters Sun, there was rumors she was dating So Ji Sub too, so I am going with rumors for now. All that aside they are one of my favorite character OTP’s.


Missienelly: Oy… *knees shaking* *sweaty palm* *heavy breathing* So handsome!

Nikki:  I thought this was so sweet….at the same time it is like cleaning him up for the kill.

ADgirl: One of my favorite moments.. They are showing how each of them cares for the other. I was choking up so much.


Missienelly: That was smooth of her to say that! And the look on his face… He was puzzled as well! Did she just made him think?

Nikki:  She made him think with a part of his brain that has not been used in like 3 yrs.

ADgirl: Her subtlety, was “like a BOSS!” Done without judgment. Just questioning like a conversation should go.


Missienelly: This is crazy! While thinking of Kang Woo, he can picture what Kang Woo is doing. Wow… This is a mind game with himself!

Nikki:  I can not imagined being trapped by my own self….I know this would be hard when reality set in

ADgirl: Being trapped in oneself…… Imagine the loneliness, darkness, and fear, one must feel. Even when surrounded by family and friends.


Missienelly: Back to earlier episodes… Did the girl plagiarize her novel?

Nikki:  You mean his novel??  Makes you wonder doesn’t it?  But he did say he does it to his OWN work and not someone else’s.

ADgirl: She admitted to it, his friend admitted to helping her as well. She also said, Jae Yeol left it out in the open for her to use. That’s when he said, to copy his own work, not someone else’s.


Missienelly: This subconscious and unconscious thinking of dying just messed up my brain big time! There is nothing you can understand at this point. I believe it’s the chemical imbalance in his head that will drive him to death if it is not treated quickly.

Nikki:  That or he will hurt himself or someone else like earlier trying to avoid hitting Kang Woo

ADgirl: I wonder if he will crack and kill his Hyung???? Taking out everything that’s been bottled up, and unleashing on Hyung!?


Missienelly: Wow, you really have to think all the probabilities of what he would do, eh?

Nikki:  I know for a fact that they build them like this.  I used to work in a hospital and the floor for psych patients is built totally different.

ADgirl: Also to give peace of mind to the families of the mentally ill. That they cannot escape or harm themselves.


Missienelly: This is insane! He’s on the loose now! What will happened next?

Nikki:  Anything can happen…that is the problem

ADgirl: I am scared he will try to hurt Hae Soo, for revenge. I am hoping the writers do not ruin this with the whole, kidnap amnesia storyline. This is Kdrama after all.

How sweet was the shaving scene, Has Soo’s gentility towards Jae Yeol. Her selfishness, has been broken. Tremendous breakthrough for her mental block and problems. Can we love Giraffe’s character any more than we do now? Sitting on the edge of our seats for the next episode, now that his Hyung is out. What will happen? Will Hae Soo really turn him in? Will she run off with Jae Yeol and try to fix him herself? All these questions and more in the next episode.


What do you think?

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