Wednesday Eu-Mak: Country Music Is In!

trotOkay, I promised y’all I would put something more upbeat this week but eottokajeo… I’m stuck with oldie songs again! I blame Grace coz now I’m totally smitten by Korean trot music! Hmmmmm should I consider watching Eunji’s Trot Lovers? Hello yeoreobun! Happy Wednesday and hope you are not crazy coz I am completely am! Either that, I’m officially out of my mind. If you don’t believe me, take a listen of this song by Ban Ga Hee! This trot tango music is unbelievably cool and quite fancy! You can totally dance to this song! Her voice is wanjeon daebak! The song is called Farewell Note (according to Google Translate – please correct me if I’m wrong). When you watch this MV, pay attention to Ga Hee-ssi. She is so graceful, and you can feel her emotional through her voice, facial and body language. This woman has got me speechless… Her vocal is so powerful! I wonder what is her range of voice. Am suddenly thinking, hmmmm what if she collaborates with my MBLAQ G.O? Hmmm, yes I’m thinking hard. I want to ship these two voices now… Anyway, let’s listen, shall we?

The next song I’m in love with is called Cheer Up by Hong Jin Yong. For many of us who are watching We Got Married Season 4, she is Goong Min oppa’s wifeu. He is also featured in this MV as well. Anyway, not to get off topic, this song breathes fresh. This oriental trot song is very different that Farewell Note. The singer is very bubbly in WGM and you can actually feel her bubbly personality in this song. Her vocal is simply amazing. She is as ahhhmazing as Ban Ga Hee. Her voice is so lovely and soft but yet strong enough to seduce us. This song itself is so welcoming I feel it is so heartwarming. Don’t you agree? So Cheer Up yeoreobun and listen to this song…

So before I end, here is a clip from Trot Lovers. See how crazy I am? I think I am going to watch this drama soon! I really love this song, it is called Red Pepper.

If you are interested on this song, check out Yoo Ji Na’s Red Pepper. She will knock your socks off!

My conclusion for this week post: trot genre songs are no longer for elder, younglings like you and I can totally enjoy it too! Have a great Thanksgiving for all my readers in the States. See y’all next week!




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