It’s Okay, That’s Love: Psycho-Cap Episode 14


Well just where did we leave off? Oh right, Hae  Soo, coming to terms with Jae Yeul’s, insanity………… We are sorry for the delays in our posts; One of us is traveling for work, when you add family and life beyond that. The other starting a business venture, plus family. The other one of us went from  being a stay at home mom for over 20 years, to a full time job outside the home. You guessed it family and real life, too.

Well just where did we leave off! Oh right, Hae Soo, ……. Hyung let out of prison, Jae Yeul is seriously one toe left on the edge of the cliff, of sanity. (Notice bringing it back to ending of episode one. At the cliff). Crazy is, as crazy does. We are sucked into this vortex of insanity. so much, we just want to be friends, with all the characters and help them. So jump back on this crazy train with us, as we head into the final three episodes.


Episode 14


Missienelly: Did she just sell her mom to President Kim????? *shocked* *hands on cheek*

Nikki:  Girl!!!  Yes, she did.  Makes me wonder how she can be so mad at her mom all this time

ADgirl: What the what? Oh no she di’n’t!!!!!! Except for her being honest and saying she is a selfish B****. Her problems do not stem from catching her mom. It seems to be more about guilt. That she feels she does not deserve that kind of love. In this moment not sure how I feel. Empathy or or do I want smack a B?


Missienelly: There… She finally said it.

Nikki:  All together now….AWWWWW!!!

ADgirl: Sniff, sniff…. At the same time is she just playing Jae Yeul, to trick him into going to the hospital? Yet still sniff sniff.


Nikki:  Almost makes you wish the date circled was Friday the 13th

Missienelly: Oh my, yes! He made it such a big deal… but it is a big deal to him.

ADgirl: I think it is a big deal. He can let out the truth to his brother. Just nervous if he will meet him ….. Duh duh duh duuuhnnnn ALONE!

CaptureNikki:  Wayyyyy too detailed.

Missienelly: Extremely detailed! Is it because he’s an author he tends to write or give instructions very detailed to people?

ADgirl: The way I see it is, it is his reality. It shows everyone else around him his insanity. He is suppose to be writing a new novel. One of the reasons for cutting off Hae Soo, was to write his novel. Since the beginning we see he keeps notes like this. Maybe it keeps his balance of reality vs insanity. No one goes in his room, no one bothers him when he works. Okay I am blabbering….. I just want to jump on the save JY band wagon. Can you blame a girl? *shy smiles, looks to the side*


Missienelly: They crossed path

Adgirl: After everything between the two brothers and the mental breakdowns, I get it a lot of what is happening. Now I can hear both of them singing The Hollies, He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother.

Nikki:  The mind is a powerful thing


Missienelly: To watch him witnessing this so called accident in his head is pretty surreal.

ADgirl: The mind is a powerful thing. I cannot imagine the mental pain and torture he is in to do that to himself. I was so choked up watching this entire scene play out. 


Nikki:  This scene was so hurtful.  To see him reaching and wanting to go to someone that was not there. 😦

Missienelly: Terrible scene. I feel so bad for him… He was so helpless.

ADgirl: Not just witnessing his crack on reality become a gaping hole. It was also difficult to watch Hae Soo as well. If she had or anyone else had any doubt’s to his being mentally ill, this should have cleared things right up for them. While I am not one to cry in a drama. I was seriously choked up. 


Nikki:  Happy that an accident was chosen but sad that this is what it came to.

Missienelly: I’m still in awed by how the mind works. This show really open up my eyes.

ADgirl: The loneliness he must feel at this time. It is probably better for him to be lost in his own world for the time being. So that he can slowly come back to reality on his own. I like that the writers are showing no instant cure to mental illness. 


Missienelly: Ever since he found out about amytal… It’s his go-to drug now LOL

Nikki:  Right, makes you think he is a druggie himself…lol

ADgirl: He just wants his name cleared. He is, innocent after all. He probably does not understand the seriousness of his mothers stability and sanity. If he did I am sure he would not want her taking it. 


Nikki:  Not a 5-star hotel I would want to be a part of…that is for sure.

Missienelly: lol and the smell… yuck!

ADgirl: Hhhhmm not my idea of the life of luxury.


Nikki:  A test subject for all those watching this take place but also a very good way to gain experience.  It is like a double edged sword

Missienelly: I did not expect the entire scene to  be this dramatic, it felt surreal watching him in this crazy stage. The fact that he could point out where Kang Woo is… omg! *shudders*

ADgirl: I shudder at the thought of what is going through his mind. Even though he is watching the reality from the CCTV, does he really see Kang Woo and his family? That is the burning question

Capture Missienelly: English please! I’m glad as well…

ADgirl: English…..okay well what she means is….. He may be Bat Shit crazy, and sees imaginary people. He is not completely F’ed up and will not go all postal on  us. So there is hope. Nor does he see or talk to dead people. (Could not resist a little Master’s Sun humor)


Missienelly: I thought this boy started to develop some kind of noona fond since he appeared to be stunned when Hae Soo said Jae Yeol is her boyfriend. Maybe it is just my imagination…

Nikki:  Nope, I began to feel as though he was beginning to feel something too.  Glad she stopped it before it could really begin

ADgirl: I think he is genuinely thankful for her help. He was released with further counselling. I think he is trying to remind her she is a great doctor. He is trying to find a way to thank her. 


Missienelly: I hate it that she can be so right here!

ADgirl: I still do not get the slap. Mental illness is a far cry from what is wrong with her father. 


Missienelly: I’m so lost in this whole conversation… They are both adult now. Can’t they just let go?

Nikki:  I think there was so much hate and guilt between these two and this situation that they really did not know how to fix the situation.

ADgirl: I agree with you on these two. I do not think they hate each other, I think it is more about the guilt. The mother, because she thought her kids did not know, until she heard Hae Soo talking to. Kim on the phone at the hospital. Hae Soo  for having basically sold her mother.


Nikki: Ummmm…I plead the 5th

Missienelly: LOL

ADgirl: Do I have to answer that. * twists mouth, chews on lips.* 


Missienelly: I don’t know about you ladies but if I’m in her shoe at this minute, I don’t think I can pull a straight face. I’d just burst out crying!

ADgirl: I would not be able to hold it together. Especially when he shows he is more concerned for me than himself.*cue ugly cry*

Capture Missienelly: The sign that he is still not better. *sigh*

Nikki:  IKR 😦

ADgirl: Can you imagine having to go through this? Holy smackers, I know at this point I for sure would not hold it together. Just what will she do?


Missienelly: At this point, I am accusing her, ladies! She’s been warned not to see him… Because of her presence, Kang Woo appeared again. This is frustrating!

Nikki:  Yes, at this point I do blame her because it was too soon for her to see him.  I was so angry and frustrated with her.

ADgirl: She was totally in the wrong. It shows 100% why Dr.’s cannot treat family and friends. Their sense of reason falls off the crazy train.

OMO! How was that emotional wreck of a crazy train gone off the rails for you? We were wiped by the first 15 minutes. We made it through. Hae Soo not only trying to help the love of her life, putting her job on the line, she has to deal with her crazy ass family too. Poor Jae Yeul, we knew he would be broken? Did you see the writers breaking him to this extent? We certainly did not.

How do they fix Hyung, Omma, and Jae Yeul? Hae Soo and her family? Except questions, there is nothing funny to close with. Join us for episode 15, here’s to hoping it is not such a heart wrenching, rip it out, stomp on it episode.



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