Special Review: Get your DRAMOT+!

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Hello dear friends, I was approached by Chocolabs back in September, the developer for DRAMOT+ and was asked if I could review their app. I was skeptical at first but several exchange emails later, I agreed to their proposal. What makes me said yes? To be honest, the prospect of seeing another streaming website really excites me. I’m a subscriber to DramaFever and Viki, but these websites are not available when I travel due to copyright and permission to air in certain countries. I heard DRAMOT+ is based in Taiwan. Now, I’m not entirely positive about this but I really hope when I do travel, I get the luxury of steaming DRAMOT+ as comfortable in my home as it is when I’m abroad. I know I am asking a lot but more and more websites are comparable elsewhere so I really hope DRAMOT+ could be the one for me and for some of us who always on the move.

I am a visual person and I believe most of us are. So with that, you will see lots of screenshots for easy understanding.


Since I’m an iOS user, I downloaded the app via iTunes. The app is also available on Android, please get it on your Google Play store. It is free to download and it took me less than 3 minutes to get it. Upon starting the app, you will be asked the usual questions. It is up to your preference at this point. I hate notifications so I opted for “Don’t Allow” but I “Allow” on the location simply because I want the app to recognize where I am. I believe, if you are in Timbaktu, the app will load the dramas based on the location demographic. And I also believe, it will help retrieve dramas that is available in the location where you at. I haven’t tried this feature yet since I’m still in the country but once I’m in overseas, I hope to update this info.


The dashboard is under Discovery tab. The top part is collection of recommended dramas presented in slides. If you are used to using Viki, it is similar dashboard design. On the bottom is their Top 10 most watched dramas for their prior month. I like this feature because it can help with my, and yours, decision on the next watch.
The profile, as any apps needed it these days, is under Profile tab. The app suggests you to login via Facebook. I’m not a heavy Facebook user so I opted out. By login with your Facebook account, it will allow you to Favorite the drama you are watching and it will auto post it on your account and hence, informing your followers that you liked what you saw. It also use as to keep track of your history watching. This is one common feature for registered users, you can see it on Viki, DramaFever, Crunchyroll and SoompiTV. My hope is that Chocolab would give several options for users to login and not just limit to Facebook. For example, I’m a heavy Twitter user so I do not mind login via this social media. But for some of us who just want to be private, the app should allows users to create their own login and password.
The last tab is the selection of drama. All dramas are sorted by countries. I like this feature a lot. The selections are Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China. I’m a huge fan of Korean drama so I’m pleased to see it as my option. But the surprise in dramas from China! Now we are talking! This year, I added Shan Shan Comes To Eat, a mainland drama into my watch list. I was very impressed with the drama and have this urge of wanting to watch more and more of Chinese dramas. I’m super glad this option is available on DRAMOT+. Their libraries are not huge but I’m sure it will grow over time. But what I like, just basing off of Korean dramas alone, they carry cable network dramas as well as the major network. This is a major plus for me as I’m more and more leaning towards dramas made by jTBC, OCN and tvN.
Lately, more and more people are addicted to Thai dramas. Chocolabs should really consider adding lakhorns into their libraries. Most of lakhorn watchers view them from either YouTube or download it directly. To be honest, I’m a tech challenge person so I do not download dramas. I rather watch it on DRAMOT+, if it is available, than streaming it through broken links via YouTube.
On the airing itself, I decided to check on Bad Guys and The Three Musketeers. The connections were pretty good, there was no glitch from the start to finish. The subs are in-synch and I’m quite pleased with the experience. Yes, it has ads but DRAMOT+ versus other apps with ads, it is very tolerable. I do not mind at all. It is pretty easy to maneuver and I don’t see it any difficulty at all. DRAMOT+ is as user friendly as other drama apps in the market. I’m an easy going drama fan and this app is simple and clear. I do not care if the available dramas are taken from another platform, as long as I’m able to watch it with good quality and subs, that’s all that matters. And so far my experience is good.
Would I recommend it? Of course! So friends, give it a try.

6 thoughts on “Special Review: Get your DRAMOT+!

    • Hi Irma, sadly this app is no longer available on iTunes. I have contacted the developer and they seem to have an issue which I’m not particularly understand. I apologize for that. Could you give iTunes TW a try (not sure if it is exist)?


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