Wednesday Eu-Mak: Rendition Time

bannerYeoreobun, annyeong! Did ya miss me? I apologize for missing my last week’s post. I was away on a week long workshop that I cannot missed! But I’m back and ready to make a redemption. This week post is all about rendition. Who made the best rendition? I’m sure they are plenty vids out on our internet world and there are many talented singers. It is tough to decide. I’m never a fan of rendition, but that’s because I love original version so, so much. But sometimes, I have to improvise and accept the fact that other singers want to make a living for themselves as well. They deserve a chance. And I should give them a chance. I simply love when people put a new twist and spin to an existing song; it somehow makes what aren’t theirs, theirs.

So my first victim is SuJu’s Henry. Well, why do I pick him? It all started with Grace. And this post is inspired from her. Thanks, Grace! Well over the weekend, she was spamming multiple YouTube clips of Henry in Real Men, a Korean variety show. Mind you I do not like varieties but I was intrigued. Sure, he was funny as hell. From one clip to another, I suddenly landed on this MV! Henry, as we all know, is a multi-talented artist. In this rendition, you can see and hear his new arrangement of Cho Yong Pil’s Bounce to his own version. So  here is the original version for your pleasure…

I giggled whenever he said Bounce! Seriously, this song is the cutest! So now, let’s hear Henry’s version of Bounce. The boy made it even cuter and hip-hopish! All Henry’s fans out there know that Henry is beyond perfect. If there is a word to describe above perfectionist, that is him! He is one hard working Canadian Chinese in South Korea. He needs more exposure, and SMTown definitely should invest more on this talented artist. I hope you enjoy Henry’s version of Bounce. It’s as melodic as the original and it gets you going! And it’s great workout song to be honest…. This guy is a genius! Bounce bounce bounce!

How did ya like so far? Yong Pil’s version makes you wanna dance and jump jump whereas Henry’s makes ya wanna go to club and dance dance dance. Are you ready for the next one? *giggles*. The next song is downgraded from dance/hip-hop to kpop ballad bad ass. Yeap, I said bad ass. In my opinion, they are bad ass *giggles*

My next victim is my new love! MI.O! Yes, I featured them last week on my Song of the Moment post. And yes they are back on this post! Perfect timing! And guess which song they decided to do? None other than the famous SHINee’s Replay! I love SHINee, and have been following them since 2008. They are great and love all their songs. Replay is especially dear to me, I just love the arrangement of this song. Their vocals are very refreshing, and it works perfectly. Let’s hear it…

Yeah, you likey? Wait until you hear MI.O’s version. They have turned this song to another level! I love SHINee’s, don’t get me wrong, but MI.O’s version, is slightly better than the original. How is that possible??? Their voices and the arrangement are more current and they spin it smooooooother than I could ever imagine! Yeah, it is out of this world crazy and awesome! I just can’t… really can’t! Iron Man, Cap’n America and Hulk nailed Replay!

I hope y’all enjoy this post today! It is my redemption post after missing last week, and I will try not to miss it again… I feel bad for myself and my blog, it feels naked without music. So until then… have a great day and weekend!





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