Wednesday Eu-Mak: Cheers to 2015!


Yeoreobun, Happy New Year 2015! In this part of the world, we officially have 5 hours to end this tragic 2014. Let’s hope 2015 will brings us happiness, luck, wealth and success. I almost never keep any new year resolutions because I do not feel I should. But I do keep drama resolutions and they are mostly created just to challenge my watching experience. I have never added any music because it is harder to keep up. Between you and me, I might consider adding it just for the heck of it *laughs*

I disappeared last week hence the was no Eu-Mak post for Christmas. So this week, I’m going to combine some of great belated X’mas songs for y’all. It is never too late and we are still in this festive holidays mood anyway. I know I am… Except for today, I have been off since December 19th. I decided to go to office just because… Yeah, I’m that crazy. And then, another 4 days off. Not bad… So let’s get festive, shall we?


The first MV is by Eric Nam. You all know I adored this boy so much, I have been supporting his career since his debut but sadly though, Eric is becoming too commercial for me. He’s everywhere in the entertainment SK world. Except in silver and big screen, he is not only just a singer, he also took part in variety shows and even MC’d some of them. But as of now, he is spreading his wings even further by composing his own songs. After all, that’s what any singers wish, right? This MV, Melt My Heart, is so so sweet. Along with clips of Eric himself as baby, this vid also would melt your heart with his smooth jazzy voice. The vid is so earthy and lots of fan service by Eric for his fans. And this song really makes you wanna get up and dance. Tell me, what part of this song that you don’t like? Eoppseo? Yeah, same here *waves* I love everything about it! And isn’t he just adorbs?


The next MV is by Roy Kim. Another singer I adored since debut as well. I keep telling myself I should stalk him in his uni but I’m not that kind of person *giggles*. Unlike Eric, Roy is very underrated yet still earthy. But in this vid, all you can feel is the warmth from Roy and his song. When a man plays his guitar and piano… Swooooon! The song is so fabulous. I almost wonder what IF G.O sings It’s A Christmas Day? They both have great voice. Roy is a bit nasal and G.O has big range, they will make a great duet! They’ll send us to gospel house with their voices. Aaaah, Nelly, let’s pray! Until then, let’s give this song a hear…


And my last MV for this post for this year is from Ailee with her latest jazzy song, My Grown Up Christmas List. Again, I have been following Ailee since her debut too. She has big and beautiful voice. How I wish I could have her voice! And I think this is by far, the best English X’mas song by a Kpop singer. Well, it helps that Ailee is from the States so there will be no mispronunciation. And this song is just so magnificent and beautifully crafted and composed! Ailee is one lucky gal coz it turns out this song was produced by legendary producer, David Foster. Wow, her career will take off higher and higher. Watch out world, the next Whitney Houston is coming to town!

So what do these three singers have in common? Eric and Ailee are Americans whereas Roy is in the States for study. Besides that, they all debut around the same time and all gained success pretty quickly. They are definitely the rising ballad singers you wanna keep your eyes on! Both Ailee and Roy have ventured into OST, so it is just a matter of time when Eric to follow their steps. I say 2015 will be great for them!



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