Wednesday Eu-Mak: Moving On…


Happy first Wednesday 2015, yeoreobun! How was your new year celebration? I had a pretty rough one and it bugged me big time. But I do not want it to be my hurdle for this year. I vow to come back stronger than before. I’m still me but with more attitude *wink*. Anyway, what is your plan for 2015? I have plenty on my bucket and I will slowly clear my list before December 31, 2015 is here. I know we still have plenty of days to go but judging how fast 2014 went, I think 2015 will be moving fast as well.

Let’s start this year’s first Eu-Mak post with a newly released song by CSP. This is my first encounter with CSP so I know nothing about them. The song by CSP is called Scar and it was released on December 24, 2014 but posted up on YT on January 1, 2015. Before I start commenting, let’s watch the MV first.

And here is the translation to the lyrics:

Well, I don’t know where to begin
These are scars left from my childhood
My mother abandoned me, my father couldn’t care less about me
My stepmother always regarded me without love
More than the fast-spreading stains on my entire body
I was afraid of it growing larger
My loneliness
What can I expect, really
My childhood, in which I had no huge expectations
Just, concern and love was all…I want love…
An earnest, average life
I hate this
I’m worthless and disgusting
I’ve been left alone
Just a deeply-rooted non-concern and crimson tears remainIf it’s hard, you can rest for a while
Scream and cry to your heart’s content
Things like routine words of comfort
I won’t say
I’ll hug you wordlessly
It’s okay, everything’s fine
You can wipe away your tears
I love you, I love you-
I’ll hug youI thought I was alone because of the constant abandonment
A few times, I brushed past death
Because the daily self-hurt was everything, to me
The way I loved was different, right from the beginning
Everyone has left me
Family, friends
Concern, love, things like those
I don’t need them
Only my rage and pain soothe me
What a painful song and I’m sure some of us can relate to it. If not all, at least some of it… The vid made me teary a bit. The lyrics made me gasping for air. It must be painful to write this song. It does sounded suicidal but I really hope the writer does not mean it that way… Perhaps, it was lost in translation? I sure hope so. The song is great, you definitely wanna bob to it. The singing vocal is great, and I am liking his ballad voice the more I hear this song. The rapper’s voice is smooth, you can really listen to him word by word.
I hope you enjoy my first song of choice to open 2015. This year, instead of kpop-ish, I want to feature more OSTs and ballad songs. These songs are more soothing to my ears and yours too. So be on the lookout, chingus. Until then, have a great day from snowy DC.

What do you think?

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