Wednesday Eu-Mak: Let’s Chill…


Happy Wednesday, yeoreobun! Wait, it’s Thursday afternoon now! Ack! My apology as I couldn’t post this as I always do at 7am Wednesday morning. Life is hectic with my kid, sick hubby, cold temperature, snow and work life. I feel very sad that I’m blogging lesser and lesser these days. I’ve seen so many movies lately and I don’t even blog them as I always do. I’ve gotten lazy as well as my time is limited to ME time. My attention is mostly for my kids. He has grown mature and curious and I cannot let that curiosity died by my addiction to dramas and other entertainment means. So yes, I’m sacrificing my life… tsk tsk tsk *wipes tears*.

So for the first song for this delayed post, I decided on a cool, head-bopping song by Verbal Jint. The song is titled Smell Autumn. I know it’s not autumn in where I am, but it is almost autumn somewhere down south… *winks*. And the MV is soooo 1970s! I love the color scheme. So nostalgic! And with Eddy Kim lending his voice to this song, they both made Smell Autumn so diggidy goooooood! The vibe is just magnificent. Very soul, jazzy and earthy! I’m quite surprised by how so little views this MV gets. Waeeeeee? It’s been 4 months since it got posted and only received less than 250k views. *pouts* You must hear this song, y’all! Smell Autumn is aaaaaaaah-mazing!

And for the next song, I decided on 월간 윤종신 12월호 ‘지친 하루’ (with 곽진언, 김필) aka Monthly by Yoon Jong Shin featuring Kwak Jin Eon. Yeah, sorry about this. I don’t know who they are except Jong Shin-ssi but the song is so, so deep looooooow yet oh-so jazzy. It can’t be helped that three suited working men singing and getting drunk. And hey, for the record though, I do not promote drinking or smoking and it’s just so happened the vid featured all these bad habits. *shrugs* I guess it is their concept that I can’t agree to it but the song,  however, is very calming and soothing. That deep, deep baritone voice… I’m quite shock! What is he doing in the pop world??? That voice belongs in the opera house! Amuden, this song can make you sleepy if you’re not into this style of music. I’m just  being honest but hey, this song is totally my kind especially on a rainy day like…. yesterday.

I hope you all enjoy these songs. I will be back next week and hopefully on time with another great post. Until then, have a great day!


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