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Yay, another Japanese drama added to my watch list and the new victim is Tumbling. This 2010 JDrama is also recommended by Bel. After Suikyuu Yankees, I thought I could use another inspiring dramas that could motivates my son. He loves Yankees so much, and I loved it for the eye candies! *giggles* Tumbling is nothing different than Yankees. Same kind of setting, same kind of mission and same kind of drive. The only difference is the type of sports. This is a tumbling aka men gymnastic drama so it lingers around it. And they are in tights! *screams happily*


Tumbling is a drama full of testosterone. The boys are constantly butting heads with each other and with their opponents. But each time they encountered mishaps and troubles, they work things out in their own ways – whether through fist fighting or exchanging foul words. The moral of the story is they resolved the problems and that’s what counts. And you will definitely enjoy the angst these boys have. They are quite…. entertaining! Sure they are naive and sometimes cheesy, especially the hair *rolls eyes*, but that’s what a high school drama is about. It is expected, just like Yankees.


I have been putting this drama on hold lately due to my busy work schedule. *rubs hands* but not anymore, I’m free and am trying to catch up. This drama is 11 episodes long and they are mostly around 50 minutes to an hour. The story circled around Azuma Wataru, a crazy azz student who is known in his school as a mean bully. One day, a beautiful student transferred to his school and she was assigned to his class. Wataru was determined to know her but didn’t know how. Later on he found out her name is Satonaka Mari and she has joined female gymnastic rhythmic group. When he found out, he realized he needs to enroll in a club activity to earn credit for missing classes during his 2nd year in high school. He took this opportunity to join the male version of rhythmic group aka tumbling. His intention to get closer to her suddenly became sidetracked by him being so into the competition. His captain, Yuta (pst, he’s a cutie) was losing hope at the time but after the team had enough members, he decided to take them into the biggest competition in town.


Like Yankees, Tumbling showcased the struggles among the boys. You will get to see the inside story of each of the member. I like how they are very entertaining even though at times, I find it very aggressive. But beyond the aggressive, the relationship between the students and teacher are exceptionally good and it shows that hard work pays off. I love Tumbling except their *coughs* crazy hairdo! I hate to say this but I’m liking Tumbling way more than Yankees and Yankees was great! So now you know… please watch it if you haven’t!



3 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Tumbling

  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I watched Suikyuu Yankees after reading about it on your blog and loved it heaps. It started me on a bit of a high school jdrama binge (and lets not mention the Jpop) so I’m always looking for new ones to watch! I’ll check this one out next! 🙂

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    • I absolutely LOVE J-drama HS dramas! They are so much more interesting and the conflicts are a lot more realistic I think. They feature what I believe students go through. Glad you liked Yankees!! I sure did and this one is pretty good too! Now if I can ever finish Water Boys….


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