Song of the Moment: Eternal Love


Call me crazy but I just can’t get this song out of my head! “Do you believe in the power of the everlasting love?” I do. I do! I ABSOLUTELY DO!!!! Dang, this song is growing on me as continue catching up with Healer in less than a week! I completed episode 14 yesterday, and by the end of it, my heart could no longer pumping my blood properly to my body system. It has been aching all day today. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. My hand constantly on my chest. And then I realized that I’m missing Healer terribly. I’m missing and longing for Eternal Love so badly. How can this be? How can a song gives me so much pain? This song keeps on playing in my head as I started catching up with Kill Me, Heal Me. You see what Michael Learns to Rock did? I grew up with them and their songs and to hear them back and giving support to Korean drama, I simply can’t deny that the power of Eternal Love has conquered not just Asia and America, but in Europe too.

The lyrics is a typical love song. It can be cheesy but if you are in love, and are watching this show, it ain’t cheesy yo! It’s more of a blessing that we finally get an English kdrama OST that could project our feelings into words. “Oh, my love. I’m all yours. And there will never be another one ’cause I’m eternally yours”. Tell me if your heart isn’t aching… Mine is aching. Oh boy, and I’m shipping the OTP to the moon and back! Please enjoy a fan made vid made for this song. And watch them coz your heart will be growing stronger as you see them together…. Eternal Love forever.


3 thoughts on “Song of the Moment: Eternal Love

  1. The song is really good and it has its own gentleness. I can’t relate it to Healer since i haven’t started it yet. “Do you believe in the power of the everlasting love?” Used to, for the time being i’ve paused this belief 😛 The major reason i haven’t started Healer is because Park Min Young on this drama looks 90% like my ex XD


    • What? Your ex like Park Min Young? Oh man, I’m sorry Kwon. This is one major life tragedy. You might need some times before you start now… Muster up all your strength chingu! If you need hand holding, I am here 🙂

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      • The way Min Young is on Healer, yes! If her character on Healer is 50% playful and funny and 50% either slightly neurotic or emotional i’ll have problems watching Healer 😛 I never really recovered from this tragedy, haha! But i’m steadily climbing up that hill to my ‘you’re fine now’ self 😛


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