Wednesday Eu-Mak: Cozy Time…


Happy Wednesday, yeoreobun! I’m well prepared for today’s post! Hehehe We have had snow for the past two days and to see some clear sky today is a blessing. Snow is on the forecast again this week. I cringe whenever I look at my Weather app. My son is begging for snow whereas I’m begging for nothing but sunny. Well, we shall see who will win this weather battle by the end of this week! I secretly hoping the weather is on my advantage and I can just *sticks tongue out* to him and made him angry. Hehehe I love making him angry. Well, which parents don’t enjoy watching their kids getting angry? Yes, parents are evil and I intended to do just that to him…

This week, I decided to wow you all with great Indie/Ballad music. So let’s start with Indie. This is a newly released MV song by Robbin and it is called Forest. Before you start listening to this song, please sit back because the minute you started it, the music will transport you to heaven. Robbin’s soothing voice will calms your nerves and relax your mind. The slow paced piano that accompanied the voice gives the calmness to this song but the cello added a depth of loneliness. The sudden climax between the piano and cello produces an uplifting mood to your ears. Without researching the lyrics, I feel lonely while listening to this song. And if you watch the vid, you will see the actress and her out running alone in a busy city. It seems kinda lonely, right?

So let’s pick a notch with the next song by 6 to 8 and the song is called Not Enough. This ballad song seems so gospel and I feel so inspired just listening to it. Although I have no clue with the meaning of the lyrics, the song seems so heavenly and the vocals are powerful. 6 to 8 is a new rookie group debut this year and it consisted of three members namely Lee Min, Hong Seok Jae and Johnny Beom. They somehow reminded me of The Avengers. Hmmmm, are they the same? My eyes said no but I’m just curious… simply because the story behind this song sounded eerily similar to MiO‘s first single! Despite the similarities, they are not the same boys. But just listen to this song… It’s wonderful. The harmony between them three is awesome. They could be the next 4Men!

I hope y’all enjoy these songs. I will bring more great music on my next post! Enjoy your day!



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