Currently Watching: Itazura Na Kiss – Love in Tokyo 2


The ever oh-so-annoying Kotoko is backkkkkkkk! I am excited every time I heard the new subbed episode is up. Sometimes I wonder, I am a mom but how can I still acting like a teen? *scratches head* Right, I’m still 16! Kekeke if you have seen me, you know I’m an innocent 16 year old girl *sticks tongue out*. And this 16 year old girl loves everything cheesy in her romcom. Well, not the overdone cheesy, ok? I could get annoyed to.


When Itazura Na Kiss Love in Okinawa came out in around early fall last year, I was overly excited because I missed Naoki so much. Many who knows me very well, I actually adored Playful Kiss, the Korean version. I would watch it over and over and over every time I’m on work travel. Baek Seong Jo reminded me so much of someone very dear to me. My husband. Cold. Cruel. Mean. Handsome. I’m the case of a shallow girl in which I’m willing to look over the bad treatment due to “handsome.” I haven’t been watching Playful Kiss lately and no, not because of Kim Hyun Joong incident, but I guess I’ve moved on to some other dramas. But when Itazura Na Kiss Love in Tokyo 2 started, the feels of blinded by the handsomeness came back naturally. And I’m loving it! *giggles*


Despite how everyone said Furukawa Yuki’s acting is a lot worse this season than the previous one, I honestly can’t see it. What did I tell you earlier? I’m definitely blinded by the handsomeness. Kotoko remains quirky and childish as ever and Naoki’s cold treatment even after their marriage is becoming more frustrating. But is there anything new that we don’t know? Nothing, right? I’m sure y’all have seen the Taiwanese installment as well. So the story is nothing new. My friend, Mawie, said that if you have seen It Started With A Kiss and They Kiss Again, this Japanese version follows of that version.



I guess I don’t have to tell you everything of this show, right? It is 16 episodes long and 9 episodes aired so far. This season INK2 is much more frustrating and you don’t get to see the OTP on the same screen as often as you wanna. A lot of the story is build up circa Kotoko and her life going through college, internship, friendship and jealousy. If you are a Naoki fan, like me, you don’t get much of his screen time. And each time he’s on the screen, he’s heartless and cold. *shrugs* Naoki is pretty much the villain in this season sadly. *hangs head down*

Overall, I still like it but it is not as good as the first season. Kotoko is as annoying as ever but the actress improved a lot in episode 9 when she confronted Rika, the girl who had crush on Naoki since she was little. I thought Honoka-chan did wonderful at delivering the script and I was impressed by the flow of emotion she poured out in the scene. Naoki is useless to be honest. And I don’t understand Furukawa-kun, his acting is not the best and pretty much delivered the script toneless. Urgh… But to be honest, I still love them as couple. They are killing me! If you don’t mind the frustration, or used to the frustration, watch it coz you know there will  be happy ending at the end of this season!



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