Breaking News: Puppy is Officially Back!!!


Thanks to Michele, I finally get to see my puppy’s first screen work after being discharged! He is the lead in Naul’s latest MV titled 같은 시간 속의 너. I’m so psyched about this! I have been looking forward to see him back in either drama, MV or movie. We all know he’s currently working on his comeback. First he did a magazine spread for Grazia! Unbelievable handsome and sexy at the same time! Wow and now this MV. I’m beyond stoked right now and I can’t keep this to myself. This excitement must be shared with all of you and hence, this post of course! And the song… OMG what a great ballad! I am a sucker for ballad and to watch Seung Ho participated in just unreal! Really unreal! Wake me up, people! Is this a dream??? And now I just can’t wait for them to release this MV! Until then, please enjoy this teaser. It is a tease… REALLY! I need more Yoo Seung Ho!!!!!


Come and squee with me, ladies….! Eeeer, and boys too if there are any! *winks*



3 thoughts on “Breaking News: Puppy is Officially Back!!!

    • Awwwww… I didn’t but I contributed something and my friend went to his release with cake! She wrote to me that puppy was so humble and generous and was stunned by the amount of love from his fans. I wish you went… I’m excited for his future. He will go far now that army is out of his way ^^

      Btw, annyeong chingu-ah!


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