Wednesday Eu-Mak: I Think I May Have Caught On B1A4 Bug!


Dear all, is spring in the air? It certainly feels that way now that we are in the first week of February. I heard on the news is that winter will be over in 6 weeks. I’m so happy coz I’m tired of being in the cold. I’m tired of bundling myself up. But I am fortunate that my area has escaped two big snow storms. Thank GOD for sparing us and please continue to keep any future snow storms away from our area. Amen! *smiles*


To celebrate Spring, let’s enjoy these MVs by B1A4. Their songs reminded me of spring coz the beat is always very refreshing and the color scheme in most of their MVs are colorful and vibrant. The boys are adorable. I am never a big fan of them and I have been resisting their strong influence for years. But suddenly, out of blue, I decided to listen to them yesterday. If I am to blame anyone, I blame Stephanie. She is gladly to take the blame though… As she always does! That graceful woman! She is definitely my enabler!


So the first song for this post is Baby Good Night. Look at them… Look at how adorable they are! How old are these kids? Quack quack! But what gets me is the beat! My shoulders, oh my, my shoulders really betrayed me. They dances to the beat immediately without my permission! I mean, I can’t blame them coz the song itself is so catchy and cute, and the rhythm is definitely easy to my ears. They all sounded very harmony together and, and… Geez, I don’t know why I like this song so much! They put a smile on my face! I’m “dancing, dancing, dancing in the moonlight!” God, how many times have I listened to this song today? *facepalm*

The next song I have for this post is 못된 것만 배워서. I just don’t know what to tell you about this song. It is soooooo addictive! Once again, they all sounded very harmony and the song is just soothing to my ears. This is an older song (2011) but yet they color scheme remain the same as Baby Good Night. And once again, my shoulders betrayed me! Oh yeah, I’m totally dancing to this song. And the boys, why are they so adorable??? It feels illegal ogling on these boys! Really! They are so young! As young as my 3 year old! Oooh and their voices… Good vocal! I’m surprised by their talent! Hmmmm, I think I may have caught on B1A4 bug! *cue horror song*

My last song for this post is called What’s Happening? and I think I didn’t emphasize enough how catchy their songs are! I must know their composers coz really… These songs are so contagious! What’s Happening? is one of them! And the beat is making me giggling and my body has taken over me by dancing to the left and right. Seriously, I think I’m dying now. Great vocal as always! These boys image are cute and they all look so bubbly! I secretly wanna pinch their cheeks! It’s ok, this eonnie is not naughty! *giggles*

Okay, I just lied and just have to post this song! It’s a bit different than the above three. Tried To Walk has this techno element and if you know me really well, I’m a sucker of techno in a ballad! Frack, I’m definitely sold on B1A4 now! This song is different and they sounded as mature as Big Bang! Now, this is a huge compliment from me! I can see myself dancing to this song in a club! Hell, I could turn my living room to a dance floor! Look at the MV, it does not have a Spring element but who cares! This song excites me! Let me rephrase that again… Good song gets me going! Tried To Walk gets me going!

Did you enjoy the songs I have for today’s post? Yes, they are older but not necessary outdated! These songs are timeless, I’m sure you will find this song as fun as the boys are 10 years from now. My conclusion on B1A4 boys? They are incredible! I’m bumped that I couldn’t go to their concerts that was held last year in NYC and Chicago but that’s okay… One day I will. *fingers crossing* Ok, off me go do my happy dance! Have a great day and week!



5 thoughts on “Wednesday Eu-Mak: I Think I May Have Caught On B1A4 Bug!

  1. Some of their best songs you just can’t find on Youtube – their most recent album is on Itunes, though, it’s called Lonely. You get it, you won’t regret it.


  2. Yes! Another BANA! So glad to see someone in their first stages of B1A4 obsession! haha! 😛 I hope you’ve given their Solo Day album a listen. It will really keep your spirits high!


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