Breaking News: So Nostalgic


Naul from Brown Eyed Soul new MV titled 같은 시간 속의 너 (You from the Same Time) is finally released today in South Korea!!! Boy I was too happy last night I couldn’t hold it and had to share it when hub when he got home from work. Naul is like the American Luther Vandross. This song reminds me of Luther. The feels Naul  brought is just so nostalgic. That 90s elements, electric organ and guitar, are so comforting and soothing to my soul at this moment… I’m sure this song soothes you too. The way he sing the chorus though… He gives me the chill. What a perfect song! I hate to say this but I originally wanted to blog this song for Yoo Seung Ho, my adorable and utterly mature looking pup, but ended up falling with the song as well! The song is so emotional and Seung Ho is the perfect actor to portray such emotional. And that tears… that face, those glistening eyes, and the mood. Wow. Just wow. It is unbelievable and amazing at the same time with what this boy can do… Him and this song! I just can’t…


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