Song of the Moment: Guarding My Angel


I have been avoiding Miyavi for the longest time. But ever since he made appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres show, I had to really  look at him. The man is a sexy beast! I dislike his tattoo so much but suddenly his bad boy image is growing on me. No, no, I’m not falling for him hard… Well, maybe just a little. But I mostly fall for his sexy voice and guitar playing. Geeeeeez Louis, I haven’t seen any sexy guitarist since Kurt Cobain! What an attractive man he is…


And this song, Guard You, supposedly dedicated to his daughters but this love song is so fitting to any occasion in my opinion. What gets me the most is the song itself… This almost rock ballad song made me sway left and right, Miyavi’s raspy and almost husky voice really kills it… And the way he plays his guitar *hands on cheeks*, oh so sexy! I really don’t want him to stop playing his guitar! Please Miyavi, continue playin’ it!

And if you wanna see the other side of Miyavi, take a listen to Real! This song will definitely pump you up! It is in my workout list coz really, he pumps me up big time!

film miyavi 2


8 thoughts on “Song of the Moment: Guarding My Angel

  1. Haha! It’s been years since i last listened to Miyavi! He’s still releasing albums? Kind of enjoyed his early harsher goodies. But i was more into Malice Mizer, Moi Dix Mois, BLOOD, Ayabi and other visual kei deadly candies. Guard You is an impressive ballad o.O


  2. Yes yes yes!! I’m not a fan of Miyavi(but I knew his existence) eventhough I used to be a love jrock a few years ago. After watching Miyavi in Unbroken, I realised how much he has changed and evolved from his past image and style! He has become so mature and sexy omg. I also find Japanese who speaks good English more attractive lol


    • Sexy indeed! And Kloey, isn’t he more attractive with short hair? There is something mysterious with his new image and I find it so irresistible to let it go.

      I’ve yet to watch him in Unbroken, I hope I’ll get the time to do so soon. And yes, when Japanese men speak English, the attractive is on another level 😍

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