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Oh my, my, my… Where do I even begin? All I wanna say is thank the Lord/God that Lee Seung Gi and Hyun Bin turned the main lead role down! I was so devastated at first when the production has little over a month to find their OTP. When I heard Ji Sung oppa accepted the role, I was relieved. But then, the game of who will be his leading lady started. Not in my wildest imagination that Hwang Jung Eum would be his partner-in-crime once again. The minute I heard her name I immediately nodded. Yes, yes… Why didn’t I think of that? She can be annoying and irritating but I still love her. She works well with Ji Sung in Secret and I know she will do good in Kill Me, Heal Me too. Despite some painful screeching screams from her on the first several episodes, I still don’t mind it. And despite how she overreacted and overacted as well? *folds arm* still don’t mind! I have accepted her wacky characters especially in Full House 2 and I know she will do the same here. For those who can’t stand her, I’m so sorry. How about just accept her for who she is? The SK netizens love her so you have no choice but to love her too! *winks*


I started Kill Me, Heal Me 3 weeks after its airing date and I am glad I did. This show is definitely my current krack at the moment! I usually don’t discuss any dramas once I’m done watching the episode but I found myself continue discussing it after hours. I’m so well immersed and absorbed into Kill Me, Heal Me that I even put a lot of thought into it. Now mind you that I watch dramas for my entertainment and blog it just to let you all know whether it is worth watching it. And if you read my post carefully, I hardly put much thought into it because a) I’m not a professional drama/movie critics and b) my opinion is very shallow. *shrugs* but you know what, I’m going to maintain my shallowness in this post because really… I am *giggles*. But I do wanna emphasize one thing and that is the way Ji Sung portrays Cha Do Hyun and his 7 personalities (even though I have yet to meet Na Na and Mister X). ON POINT! I don’t know any actors could do such great work as Ji Sung! To be honest, I think he deserves an Oscar! I’m not kidding!


Kill Me, Heal Me is a story of Cha Do Hyun and his 7 personalities he developed after traumatic experience he faced during his childhood. His different personalities are extreme characters and unlike Do Hyun at all. The only trouble is that one of his personality is quite dominant he (Se Gi) could take over Do Hyun anytime. It can be scary but Do Hyun is so chicken sh*t at times that made Se Gi unable to sit still and take in charge of the life instead. Oh Ri Jin is a new residence psychiatrist that suddenly caught up in between his personalities. Se Gi has his own charms and he made her fall for him but she later realized she met Do Hyun’s crazy personality. Their fate collided more and more which prompts Do Hyun to hire her as his “Secret Doctor” to care for him and his illness. On the other hand, Ri Jin’s brother, Ri On is a writer who secretly have been following Do Hyun around ready to unveil his rich lifestyle and background. The only problem is that Ri On hold a secret key that could lead him to be related to Do Hyun in secret life. From what I know, Ri On is in love with his sister, Ri Jin. No no no, this is not an incest as later on we found out that they have no blood connection but when he found out that she has been living secretly with Do Hyun instead of attending a 3-month course at the John Hopkins University, he started to be wary and pissy and the jealousy is growing. Now the question is… what exactly happened in the past that lead to this mess?

Korean drama Kill Me, Heal Me screenshot-1

Ok, did I just sound too serious all of a sudden? *waves hands* Please, please do NOT take me so seriously! This show is a rom-com! It’s funny as hell! I laughed so hard with all the characters! I have yet to meet NaNa but she supposed to be a cutesy little girl. And I have yet to meet Mr. X as well and who knows when will we meet him. Yo Na is a crazy teenage girl and all she cares are makeup, clothes and boys (and of course, she fell for Ri On) (she licked his picture on Ri Jin’s cell, and so he is now hers!). Yo Sub is a 17 year old, suicidal boy yet he’s super smart and sensitive. I actually like Yo Sub coz he is quite mature for himself. And then we have Perry Park, an expert is bomb making. Perry Park appears to be a middle age ahjusshi and he loves to wear anything flowery – so if you wanna give him a gift, I highly recommend Hawaiian shirt *giggles*. And then we have Se Gi. He is a sexy beast! But he is the most dominant one of all of Do Hyun’s crazy personalities. To be honest, a lot of people including I could fall for him. His gaze is just too hot to resist! *fans self*. Ok, did I miss another one? *scratches head*


This currently airing drama still has 5 weeks to go! I wonder how it will be for the next 1o episodes to come. Really yeoreobun, the first 10 episodes were so entertaining and fun I find myself constantly rewatching them over and over. My favorite episode so far? #8! Do Hyun’s sssssshhhhh gesture when he and his secretary unveiled to Ri Jin among other secret duties that she was not aware as his doctor really was effortlessly sexy! So yeoreobun, Kill Me, Heal Me is a must watch! MUST! Don’t even think about skipping it, it is the bomb show! What a way to start your 2015 drama!




13 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Kill Me, Heal Me

  1. So glad yet another drama blogger has jumped on the Kill me, Heal me train. I’m in love with the pairing of Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum in this drama and the sound track is awesome as well. And, majayo, Se Gi is a sexy beast!!!! Can’t wait for the next 10 episodes.


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