Currently Watching: My Sunshine aka Silent Separation


I was excited when I heard another adaptation Chinese novel made to drama. Gu Man, the author for Silent Separation and Shan Shan Comes To Eat, is a famous internet novelist in China and she has lots of other novels that have yet to be translated in English. I read Silent Separation moons ago but it was translated to English so badly that I spent most of my time guessing the story instead. Recently, I started reading again from Fanatical and the novel was translated much better! Thank you girls for all of your hardwork! I read Shan Shan from this website too. Anyway, My Sunshine follows the novel very closely and I’m happy to say, what you read is what you get. The only problem is… I found Silent Separation to be very funny in writing but not so much in acting. Maybe my expectation is too high due to Shan Shan *cries*. This drama pace is far too slow than I had hoped for but I’m still fine with the outcome. I think they are taking it slow and steady so they won’t miss out anything.


By the way, I’m happy to say that this is my first time watching Wallace Chung on small screen. I’ve seen most of his work in movies so technically, you can say I’m a Wallace virgin *giggles*. As for Tiffany, I’ve never seen nor heard of her. But I constantly comparing her with the actress playing Shan Shan. I know, this is not good. Mind you that I’m not a Chinese drama fan so this is my third Chinese drama in two years. I think it’s going to change from now on and I even have my eyes on another Chinese drama. I’m excited and can’t wait to start. Hopefully it’s not too melo… *fingers crossing*


So what My Sunshine is all about? In short, Mo Sheng is Yi Chen’s sunshine. But to elaborate on that, it’s about a couple that was separated 7 years all together. Mo Sheng left for the U.S. unexpectedly without saying goodbyes to her friends and to Yi Chen, the man she has been constantly chasing after since her first year in university. So when she disappeared, Yi Chen was left in limbo. The man moved on with his life but still holding on to his memories of her until they finally met up 7 years later. But this separation could have been shorten or almost to nothing had A) Yi Chen did not yell at her that prompt into this break up; B) Yi Mei (Yi Chen’s unrelated-by-blood sister) didn’t tell Mo Sheng that she is in love with Yi Chen; C) Mo Sheng refuse to go to the States even though she was forced by her dad; and D) her uncle did not hide her passport so she couldn’t leave the States. There are many elements that led to this separation but now that she’s back, would they go back together? Will he accept her back? Is she begging him to take her back? There is one catch that intensify the situation. She was married back in the States but when she told him so, she only mentioned that “she is married” but never said that they have divorced *shakes my head*. Complicated, right?


Prior to this separation, Mo Sheng was a bubbly child. She was very carefree yet clumsy at the same time. The world is hers so to speak. She had no worries and she knew what she wants. When she had her eyes on Yi Chen, she pursued him religiously. Kinda like Kotoko with Naoki from Itazura Na Kiss. Yi Chen though was quite uptight, just like Naoki. He is very disciplined on himself and wouldn’t play around. He channeled his entire energy on his studies and was annoyed by Mo Sheng’s presence. Fast forward 7 years later, this separation took a toll on Mo Sheng. She had to marry Yi ge to care for her neighbor’s child while the mom served her jail time for stabbing her abusive husband. Her life was hard so when she got home, she’s no longer the bubbly girl you met. Yi Chen however became a superstar lawyer and a handsome bachelor. So you will see throughout this show how Mo Sheng became a completely different person.


Would I recommend this to you? This is a 50/50 deal. I have read it and was disappointed on how it turned out but I will watch it coz it is a calming drama and I’m curious on how they put it into acting. The movie of the same title is coming out as well. But for those who has not read the book, I’m sure you will like it a lot. Amber from The Crazy Ahjummas like it and so are some of my friends on Facebook. So yeah, it’s a 50/50. Watch it for the calm? *shrugs* My Sunshine originally was 40 episodes long but the network shorten it to 36 episodes. I have seen 16 episodes so far and dying to watch the remaining episodes. Sadly though, you can watch it on Viki’s fan channel. Another channel to go to is MyAsianTV. The episodes are also available on YouTube but the authors stole it from Viki. So you will see that your view is limited versus when you watch it on Viki. Currently, 24 episodes have been subbed so I if you wanna watch it, head over to Viki or MyAsianTV *winks*



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