Breaking News: MIO is Back!!!!!


The boys are back…!!!! Can you hear me screaming? I have nothing to say but BEAUTIFUL! Aren’t they amazing??? It’s about time they release a new song of their own again though! This beautiful rendition was originally performed and sang by Davichi titled또운다 또 (means Cry Again). I don’t listen to the Davichi girls and doubt I will ever. Heh, I’m that biased. My eyes, as always, glued on Cap’n America coz he is my favorite of them all in terms of looks. But vocal wise, the three of them are match made in heaven! They sounded so harmony together. Their voices compliment each other really well. God is great for giving them the greatest gift I wish I have myself: to sing. Hopefully, with my passion for music, I get to sing in my next life.

So yeoreobun, please give it a hear and spread the MIO love! Coz really, we need to be their ambassador and spread their wings internationally!


What do you think?

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