Currently Watching: Rich Man, Poor Woman

Rich_Man,_Poor_Woman-p1Heh, I seem to be falling for a jerk ass male lead all of a sudden. I don’t know *shrugs*, it is more interesting I guess. I mean, the development from being a jerk ass to all of a sudden to being a mister nice guy… Really, a character that WE all love to see and witness! If you realized it, they almost always create a jerk ass male lead as one helluva, awesome cool guy! Mr. Alpha it is! And who does it best by none other than Oguri Shun. Really, I’ve been watching him lately. This actor is a chameleon. I saw him Hana Yori Dango, Nobunaga Concerto, Ouroboros (currently watching and review to come soon) and now Rich Man, Poor Woman. The man has talent! I can’t deny that. One minute you falls for him and another minute you hates his guts. *bows* Oguri Shun, you’re good!


I have been meaning to start this drama for the longest time but my interest keep pushing me away and now that I’m running of things to watch since most of my dramas are currently airing, so I decided to finally give it a watch. Well, I’m happy to say I am enjoying it big time. I love it so much that I’m running out of time to blog it. As I’m typing this, I have seen 8 episodes and I’m 3 episodes to go. Scratch that. 2 episodes to go. I just started episode 9. Will I stop? Hell no. Rich Man Poor Woman is very inspiring drama. As I am patiently waiting for the romance to start, I realized watching the OTP working together is enough for now. They are quite an oddball so to speak.


Oguri Shun plays a self-made billionaire Toru Hyuga. He owns an IT company and hired genius people all over Japan. Hyuga-kun has a problem. He doesn’t like to socialize with people so anything that doesn’t concern him, he simply don’t care. *shakes head* He’s terrible. Period. One day, he was giving speech during the recruitment for his office and confronted Natsui Makoto. He asked her the number of job offers has she received. Makoto, along with other applicants with no job offers, was told to leave. She got angry and started to recite the history of the company. Hyuga was impressed but not impressed (kinda like sorry but not sorry?) with her talent but admired her talent. When he asked for her name, she instead replied as Sawaki Chihiro! *dun dun dun* That name has been stuck in Hyuga for awhile and he hired her because of that name! So what is his obsession with that name?


Well, you just have to watch it now. At this time, I’m on my last episode already. I like this drama. It’s only 11 episode long with each episode around 38 to 48 minutes long. I tried to look around for this show on my paid websites but sadly I couldn’t find it. If you decide to watch this 2012 drama, head over to YouTube. Rich Man, Poor Woman is very entertaining and fast moving drama you wouldn’t realize you can finish it in a day! Like someone I know…. errrr, that’s me! *laughs*


14 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Rich Man, Poor Woman

  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this show! ♥

    I fell in love with Oguri Shun..he plays this role so naturally…and…I love his nerdy hero….and Ishihara Satomi is ADORABLE.
    Plus…the title song is so good….


    • I think I’m starting to fall for him too. I saw him in Hana Yori Dango and he was a meh to me. Same with Nobunaga Concerto. But in Ouroboros and RMPW, I’m so feeling it! And in here as Hyuga, how did he make nerdy so irresistible? Wow!

      And yes, I LOVE THIS SHOW!

      Liked by 1 person

    *considers watching*
    Your presentations own, they are vivid with the *dun dun dun* etc 😀 It’s like reading a drama comic with another sense of depicting the overall ambiance 😀 *pouts*


  3. LOVED this drama with a passion when it aired! The quirky leads were awesome. I did a lot of screen caps for this drama when I wrote the recaps. The SP wasn’t bad either 🙂


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