Wednesday Eu-Mak: Beautiful, Indeed!


Oh my gosh, I think Amber should sing more! I love her singing voice more and more… I was skeptical at the beginning. Amber? Going solo? Well, after I heard Beautiful, I told myself to just shut it. I should have faith on her, and I’m glad she got this opportunity to be a solo singer. And now that I’m hearing it more and more, I feel a bit angry at SM! Why can’t they give her a singing part with f(x)? This girl can sing, yo! *steams coming out of ears*. This song proves she can sing! But wait a minute, I heard Taeyeon will join her on Shake That Brass? Don’t get me wrong, I love Taeyeon but she’s already good as she is… Why can’t they let Amber fly solo on her own? SM can be so profit-oriented but sometimes, they just have to let it go. Amber herself can pull listeners and buyers too! *rolling eyes*.

Oh yeah, happy Wednesday, by the way! This post will be very short as I’m extremely busy as a working mom. Beautiful is just the perfect song to soothe my busy Wednesday. This song is very calming and relaxing; it is definitely another opposite side of Amber we have never seen before. Behind that boyish look, she is Beautiful. You can feel how she pours her emotions into this song. “I’m happy to be myself” speaks louder than you and I can ever imagine. Amber aka llama (her nickname and might as well be her fandom name from now on) deserves this spotlight. I’m super proud of her. Take a listen, y’all… I’m sure you will fall for her song and voice immediately.

I hope you have a great day! And enjoy your Valentine’s Day weekend!



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