Currently Watching: One Sunny Day


I have to be quick. This is a 10-episode, 12 minute average per episode drama produced by LINE. I just started and I’m already in the first 5 minutes of episode 1. I don’t know how fast can I type and I’m already feeling out of breath. I love marathoning a drama but this one will exhausts me. And guess what? I’m on episode 2 already! *screams* Okay, here we go. This webtoon drama,  One Sunny Day, was aimed for Thai audience. Why them? I do not know but honestly, I must thank them coz this show brings together gangsta oppa aka So Ji Sub *giggles* and my lubba girl, Kim Ji Won. The story is pretty simple. Two strangers met in Jeju Island and they both were robbed overnight at their motels. They met at the police station the next morning and somehow they kept on running into each other more and more. *grins* Such a great fate, eh? The funny part is he lost everything but his cell and she lost everything but her wallet. Wow, I think God is planning something for these two! So now, they are both relying on each other… Sort of!


And as you guess it, I’m on episode 3 already and it has gotten cuter and cuter! She’s intrigued by him. She keeps on looking at him from the corner of her eyes. He looks a bit wary and nervous, he  noticed her but unsure how to react to this sudden feel. I know he feels a bit uneasy with another girl around him because on the first episode, there was a flashback of him with his ex-girlfriend. Did his ex ask for a break up? I wasn’t sure and honestly I’m not interested since she is his past. But these two OTPs are looking adorable walking side by side. They are getting more curious of each other and starting to show some caring feeling as well. Hmmmm… And I’m on episode 4 now. Wahhh, time flies!

maxresdefault (1)

My favorite line so far by her: “Ommmaaaa! Eotteoke? Eotteoke? What am I supposed to do? I saw everything!” I laughed so hard at her innocent gesture! So cute! And I’m now on episode 5! Wait, episode 7 now! Kyyyyaaaaaa… Okay, let’s wrap up! Because it is a short drama, I highly recommend it. Plus, the chemistry between the two as the episode progress is growing. You can definitely feel it. The cuteness is just overloaded… I just can’t hold it any longer! One Sunny Day is a must watch, peeps! And yes, Grace, I’m gushing again! *winks* Ooooh, also, I want that umbrella!!!! Where can I get that umbrella???


20 thoughts on “Currently Watching: One Sunny Day

  1. Hi there, Miss Nelly!

    I would just like to ask where have you watched his drama? I’ve been scouring Google and Youtube but can’t find any English subbed versions.

    Thanks for your help.




  2. Hi, Ms. Nelly. Got the same problem.. can’t see any site where I can download english subbed ‘One Sunny Day’.. too bad vids in youtube were unavailable as it was restricted by line.

    Hope you could send in a direct link for the vids.. I’m really a fan of Ji’s my email:

    Looking forward for your reply. Thanks in advance…. 🙂


  3. Hi Miss Nelly 🙂

    Haha, love the way you fangirling over the drama (♥o♥)
    Just want to ask some random question. Do u know the song that played at the end of every episodes (not “everyday” by Ggotjam project). I ♥ the song but no one seems to know what song izzit (oh yeah, i already asked around)

    If you do know, pls pls share


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