Just Watched: Saigo no Kizuna

7zIVsI decided to watch Saigo no Kizuna because of Sato Takeru. I love his portrayal as Rurouni Kenshin in the Rurouni Kenshin saga. Yeap, I saw all three and never blog it. One day I will… When I’m ready. But until then, I want to introduce you to Saigo no Kizuna as it is not so much of a movie movie, but more of docu movie of World War II that was set in Okinawa. Yeap, it is the infamous Pacific war. My hub was skeptical when I decided to watch this docu movie. He is a die hard Chinese man who still hold dear to the past and to what Japanese had done to his ancestors. I do not hold grudges as much because it was all in the past. I grew up listening to stories told by my dad and how he once lived under Japanese rules in Malaya. Yes, it was painful to hear but my dad told me that he learned a lot through the experience even though it was painful to his childhood.


So back to my hub, he had a different idea before starting this docu movie. He thought the Japanese will just glorified their past. *rolling eyes* I hated his mentality. As educated as he is, I feel bad that he could not get over it. Okay, I should stop ranting. It is his life and I should respect his opinion. Well, now back to Saigo no Kizuna, I’m surprised by the story. It is a true story of two brothers, both were soldiers and both were forced to defend their country. Except one of them, through his and Japanese’ eyes, he is considered a traitor. Seiyu is the eldest son in the family. In order to survive and support his family, he decided to migrate to America and work as a farmer. But he realized his opportunity was too limited and decided to change his name so he can get better opportunity. By doing so, he switched nationality as well and became American. Needless to say, as a American, he was being called to join the army. He and his great buddies were hesitated because it will be a betrayal to their country but at the same time, they can’t leave to home coz the family needs money. The dilemma was especially difficult for Seiyu because his mom passed away two years after he left for America and leaving his brother Yasu in charge of the household as the eldest son.


Yasu adores his nee-chan so much! He cried so hard when Seiyu left. Three years after his brother gone, the Japanese government has forced all the students in school to learn the military survival and training which eventually forcing them to enlist. It was difficult for Yasu knowing that his brother in America and he has to fight the American. When the war started, the two brothers fought hard. Seiyu became an interpreter while Yasu, since he is native Okinawan, was forced to be the solider at the front line. The brothers eventually met and was shocked by what they have became.


This true story reunited the brothers and their siblings after the war. Seiyu chose America to live whereas Yasu remain in Japan but these brothers grew up well and are pretty successful in life. If you are interested in history, this docu movie is a must see. I’m glad I saw it. I cried a bucket actually. What a great life story to pass on…


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