Wednesday Eu-Mak: Lunar New Year


Annyeong and hello! Happy Lunar New Year eve everyone! What a year and I’m happy to leave the year of horse. My year was horrible. Too many death and tragedy in the horse year and I hope that the year of sheep will bring us lots of prosperity, good health and wealth, and many joys to our lives. Here are couple of clips from my favorite Kill Me, Heal Me cast for the new year celebration. Take it away….!

I laughed so hard on the second clip! Shin Se Gi??? Why not Yo Na though? *giggles*. And here is new year greeting by new kpop group, G-Friend. They are so cute!

And also by CNBlue – in Mandarin and Korean. Jia yo!

Well, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers Happy Lunar New Year 2015! And don’t forget… clean your house tonight to get rid of those bad horse year omen and welcome the sheep year by wearing colorful  dresses, or in Chinese, preferably in red ^^.


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