Song of the Moment: Wake Up!


Heh, I couldn’t wake up this morning! But this song really woke me up and it’s been playing nonstop since I parked my butt on this chair at 8am. Who is Sam??? This is my first time hearing him, thanks to Nikki, a good friend I met on FB who constantly supplying great music to my ears! Sam’s voice and K.Shin’s crystal clear rapping are just so ahhhmazing. The song is so perfect! Great ballad that I just can’t…. put it into words! Everything about this song made me just gaaaaaaahhh over it! Seriously, you better Wake Up, it’s 4 in the morning… The video is pretty simple and really, I don’t think people care much coz the voices are the center of the attraction.

And I must be a little delulu today because at first glance, I thought Sam is Kim Hyun Joong *slaps head*. Can someone just slap me already? Anyway, please enjoy this song as much as you can…

Update: thanks to dulcetkitten’s persistence, which I really don’t mind, Sam is short for Sam Ku. He was born in Seoul but grew up in Chicago! Oh em gee, he’s Americanos! *claps like a maniac* Please take your time and check his international fan site, Always with Sam Ku. I’m actually excited with this newfound voice and I can’t wait to hear what else is up on his sleeves. Errrr Michele, he’s from your hood, girl!


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