Wednesday Eu-Mak: Crazy


Isn’t it crazy? February is almost over!!! Annyeong, yeoreobun! Are you ready for March? I am not! How is this possible? I thought we just celebrate New Year 2015? Wow, time flies! Speaking of time, I have been running out of time. I do not know how but my time management skill is awful lately. My sickness has keeping me away from everything and my home is like a shipwrecked. I’m so glad hubby hasn’t said a word although I can see his displeased look every time he got home from work. Mianhae, yeobeo…

So for this week post, I decided to go with 4Minute’s Crazy. The title describes perfectly of what I am becoming now. Crazy!!!! This song was released on February 8 and already attracted 6 million viewers! Wow! This is incredible! How did the girls are able to pull the numbers this much? Sure it is misleading with some repeated viewers but still… Impressive! As for the song itself, it is not my kind of music. I don’t know, maybe I’m growing old but I just can’t stand the song nor the girls. The concept looks very G-Dragon but the entire MV is awesome. The vocal is awesome though. The girls are definitely powerful. They are way better than 2NE1 today but I’m sure 2NE1 will make a comeback to top them. It’s always the case and I think it is a very healthy competition. They keep each other on top of everything and push their edgy images to the level where any newbies will make it hard to replace them. Nice, girls!

And without further due, here is 4Minute with the latest hit, Crazy! Have a great day!


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